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Vayshan's Run


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My PC's are going to be heading out from Clearwine and into Locaem lands early in 1626.  Seems like there's some good raiding to be done there and scores to settle, what with the Locaem being on the wrong side of history (and a Dragon).

Anyway, I'm teaching myself how to use Wonderdraft to make maps for my Roll20 RQG campaign. My first project is to create a map of Vayshan's Run. I've attached it here in case others can use it.  The orientation is not N-S, see compass rose at top right.  It's based on the map @Jeff posted in FB for the Ernaldori the other day, plus the description in Pegasus Plateau.  The fields are a bit wonky and need work.  The edge of the Plateau is on the left hand side of the map. I reckon it's about 25 km from Londros to Hillsedge, but that's hilly, wooded and uninhabited land with nothing more than the occasional hunting trail or animal track.



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