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Settlement Income Table

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Depends what you mean by 'revised'.

Book of the Manor introduced a new system for Manors.

Book of the Estate and Book of the Warlord introduced a new economy system usable for any size of a landholding, all the way from a £1 parcel to a £100000 Kingdom.

Neither of the two uses LD's POP, nor FOOD and COIN division.

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I expect that the BoEstate and BoWarlord economics of 10L of land = 1 knight and 2 soldiers will remain the staple.  Personally, I liked the goods/food distinction in Nobles Book and Lordly Domains, but the 10L = 1 knight is super easy.



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I have an excel spreadsheet for using Lordly Domains economic system. It is self calculating for things like court fees and harvest grades.

I didn't do all the work on this for the calculations it was a product of my former GM Alan Day. I have done some editing though to remove a few logic errors in the calculations.

The land sheet is the empty form and the vassal knight sheet is an example so you can see how it functions. Another example is an Estate Banneret.

LandSheet.xls pop2 manor.xls pop5 Estate.xls

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Thank you, Sir Alexios, for the Excel sheets. I have worked to figure out the economics of my favorite fantasy dominion, and the Lordly Domains rules seem to make good sense. The rules have given realistic population numbers and forced me to invent many more small towns, which I think adds to the realism. I have noticed, however, that the Lord's portion is only part of a fief; the rest has to be delegated to one or more vassals. So whenever I tried to detail something, I was forced to first invent the sub-parts, and then their sub-parts! I ended up having to enter the fiefs and their populations into a relational database in order to sum up the population numbers on the different levels of the feudal hierarchy. Fun, but cumbersome.

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For the spreadsheet when it comes down to what you as the overlord would get from them just place the pop of the vassal lands into, I believe B7 in the spreadsheet and it will auto-calculate the gifts and court fees owed by your vassals. Attached file is for a "Lord" banneret not an estate banneret.

So to determine the rough count for knights and soldiers knights minimally should match the pop number and soldiers should equal the pop X 5. That would be a low ball estimate especially for the more powerful lords such as Dukes, and Earls.


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