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References for Non-human races and sources


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This is my first real topic, so I will take this occasion to say hello to everyone reading this.


I took the BRP basic manual but I found it lacking a bit about humanoid races or playable non-human races templates.

I would like to know which are the most reliable splatbooks or game rulesets based on d100 where I can find more templates for humanoid playable races or tips to create them.



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I don't know what intelligent species are provided in the BGB, but that Monograph seems like a re-issue of the old Games Workshop's Monsters book for RQ3 :


If you only look for characteristics, Mongoose's RuneQuest SRD is another solution.

Myhtras has a few more exotic creatures.

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First, welcome to the board!

As for your specific question, it really depends on what you're looking for in races.

Glorantha specific races are available in the RQG Bestiary available from Chaosium.

For a more 'classic DnD' approach using BRP rules, look at BRP Classic Fantasy, available from drivethru.

For myself, I do a bit of 'mix n' match'. For a standard late medieval-early renaissance fantasy game I would use the more standard DnD elf and dwarf tropes. But I can't imagine playing BRP /RQ without Gloranthan Uz trolls in it 😁

Links to both products below.



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Hello, and welcome!

As others have said, it's a bit unclear just what you're after...

Something D&D-sque?  Then "Classic Fantasy" is your jam, with both native "BRP" & "Mythras" versions.

The world of Glorantha is very much NOT "D&Desque," but still has playable humanoid races.  You might look at the Gloranthan Bestiary, as noted; but also the RQ2-reprint "RuneQuest Classic" RPG with its "Monsters" chapter, many of them playable.

There's sci-fi offerings available, IIRC, but they're a bit more obscure.

Or ... ?

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