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Update on the Unbound Publishing Tatters of the King wiki

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Nothing new really on the wiki itself, except to say that it has had a (very manual) transfer to a new platform and an update of the style, but hey I'd thought I'd share anyway - https://unboundbook.org/TotK-wiki/doku.php?id=start

This is the actual play record of my regular gaming group's run through of - what I believe is the best, most 'true' Call of Cthulhu campaign ever released - Tatters of the King. The players all loved this game, and this record is testament to that fact (I unfortunately missed being a player as I was a new father at the time with a new job to boot!). 

I do have a number of mp3 recordings of the sessions, but as I'm sure everyone can appreciate the personal recording technology at the time (2006... OMG 15 years ago!) was a bit limited and they are very rough. Add on to that, the fact that these were done really just for me and I'm sure you can understand that they might never be in a fit state to share (I'll try but lots of editing is needed on each session!).

Now if I could ever complete these various Call of Cthulhu scenarios I have floating about on my old Hard Drives I can die a happy man!


Binder (Marcus)

Edited by Marcus Bone

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