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What i want most is a good break.

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Heresy I know, but giving up gaming for a few months every now and then works for me. Stop checking social media, no forums, no discord. Do other stuff, or just simplify.

I think that goes for anything really, don't let it rule your real life. When you come back to it, it feels great and for me anyway I get a burst of creative energy.

We're all different though and have different lives. What works for me might not work for others.

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Check out the Runequest Glorantha Wiki for RQ links and resources. Any updates or contributions welcome!

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Like Simon, I take breaks from gaming including reading gaming stuff every now and again.

One thing I've noticed about myself is that if I gorge myself on a diet of gaming material I actually impede my own imagination somewhat. It kind of stifles my own creativity to some degree. When I catch that happening, I completely flip gears for a month or so and concentrate on other interests. For me that's history, for others it could be gardening. And make no mistake, I LOVE reading gaming material about milieux that I'm interested in... Traveller, Tekumel, Glorantha, Middle Earth, all these have had given me endless hours of fascination for 40 some-odd years. But every now and again you just have to vary your 'mental diet'.

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