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Some of my old gaming friends want to get together for an online (tabletop-based but we're all in different cities, not a MMORG or whatever) game. Does anyone have recommendations of tools for this?


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I should also probably point out that there are only two VTT (AFAIK) that has a working BRP like module. Fantasy Grounds and RP Tools both has CoC modules. There is a Kloogwerks module for CoC but it's not maintained and I can't get it running, since it throws lots of errors.

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Yeah, the ones mentioned above are the two really viable alternatives. Maybe you can add ScreenMonkey to the list, but it has less features. I have tried both and both are good. Rptools modules are free, but when Foen finishes his work on the BRP module for Fantasy Grounds, the latter will outmatch rptools, so maybe getting accustomed to the FG interface in the meantime could be a good time investment.

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