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I Did it!!


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Well hey all ... it finally happened...

11 years since I joined this forum (as Aycorn) ... I finally ran a game last night.

The last time I played in, or ran, an RPG - Bush was president.  And I don't mean George W.

Call of Cthulhu, using BGB rules (with a few house tweaks) (yep, you heard me, not 7th ed)  Scenario: "The Haunting" aka "The Corbitt House", which I ran pretty much in its original form, with a few additions from later editions and personal touches here and there.

Two very good, old friends who have are both avid gamers, and a friend they brought along - a very nice guy who I liked very much.

And the game?  A complete success.  The hoary old CoC scenario still packs a punch, no problems with rules, everything went smoothly.  

A good game, some good food, a little good booze, a good time had by all.

And yep - we meet again next month!

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Nice to hear man, congratulations! 🙂


I am running a homebrew fantasy campaign at the moment (almost never use published adventure for some reason, I think their presentation format doesn't fit my thinking, it's just too much work for me to use a prepared adventure 😮 )

What I like with BRP is how inherently flexible it is... how it encourage you to tweak the rules.. because I do! I even have my own original custom rules! 😅

An additional benefit to BRP is that I plan to have some outer plane travel and deity appearances at the end of this campaign. Even though this is a new campaign with new characters.. But this is not D&D I dont need to slog them through 20 levels first! 😄 


Thanks to Cyberpunk 2077 which I play at the moment, I think I might be able to run a scifi campaign next. I had writer block on scifi adventures.. and I realize some of my own assumption on my future societies had to go for adventure opportunities to arise, but couldn't do it all on my own.. 😮 😅
(Star War or Mass Effect don't fit my style / narrative as GM... but Cyberpunk, minus the excessive body modification, does! 😄 )

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Great to hear that, @Aycorn2!

The BGB is a fine alternative to 7th edition for running CoC. To be honest, when 7e came out I was disappointed to learn it was not based on the BGB. Later I have learned to appreciate 7e, which is a fine ruleset in its own right.

The Haunting is still a great scenario. And, I must say, the slightly expanded version in the 7e quickstart has really very good advice on how to run the scenario, especially for novice GMs. but I guess, you did not need that, as a veteran.  

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Might be some good ideas there, but I haven't read it.  

True, I'm no novice.  Just rusty.

Next game is a week from Sunday (we had to postpone our September game).  So we'll see how Round 2 goes.  Everyone's still interested and enthusiastic though.  That's a good sign!

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