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Call of Cthulhu Classic Kickstarter - Corrections Thread


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With the release of the Call of Cthulhu Classic Kickstarter PDFs, this thread is to catch any typos or errors spotted. Please note them here, quoting the page number, the error, and the suggested correction. We have a couple of weeks' window to catch errors before print. If corrections come in later than this, we will correct the relevant PDF file and the print files for reprints.

ERRORS in this initial post have been corrected. Please review them before submitting them, to avoid duplication

Important: please make sure you note which book you're referring to, as shown below.

CHA2006 Basic Role Playing
p. 3, Left column, "As you watch, he turns the comer"

CHA2301 2nd edition rulebook
p. 7, “If you roll a 5 the first time and an 8 the second time, you’ve rolled 38.” (should be 58)
p. 8, INT section second column "JNTx5" now fixed to INTx5.
p. 18, example in Bargain skill: There is a space between the A and t of "At this time". The word "norma" should be "normal"
p. 18, Fast Talk description near the bottom of the page: an extra space in the word "f ast" should be "fast".
p. 24, "babbling nonsense to Kurt s corpse.” fixed to "Kurt's" also fixed "Harvey 's" to "Harvey's" (extra space).
p 25, Claustrophobia - “ger out of here” is “get out of here”
p 36, Deep Ones - Description text and book name are now italicized.
p36, Second column, in Notes for Dholes, a section of text reads “does not visibly harm then.”  is now "them".
p 40, Second column, second paragraph: “A mem- be of the race…” is now “A member of the race…”
p 58; first column in Summon Byakhee, the hyphenated “Alde- baran” should probably be changed to “Aldebaran.”
p 59 first column, the “Summon Star Vampire” title should be in bold face to make it consistent with other entries.
p 59 second column, in Summon Chthonian, “sight” should more properly be “site”
p 63  first column, in example under Increasing POW, “A f- ter ” should probably be “After”
p 65 first column, second line after How to Set Up a Scenario heading, “laer” should be “layer”
p 71, first column, last line of second paragraph under CLUES heading, year date should be “1917” instead of “917”
p 72, column 1, "if the investigator is not wearing extremely ... he must roll his C0Nx5 ..." =>c-zero-n should be CON (C-O-N)
p 79, second column, last line of first paragraph: a hyphen appearing at the end of “virtue-“ appears to be unnecessary.
p 79, second column, under entry for Golden Repository of Shining Truth, an unnecessary apostrophe appears at the end of “some’”
p 81, H.P. Lovecraft Timeline - in the 1923-25 entry, “WIERD TALES” should be “WEIRD TALES”
p 82, In the second to bottom paragraph of the first column, “Fora” nowe “For a”
p 82, unneeded “>” following the parenthetical “(in which case it may surface again someday)” deleted.
p 84, first column, World war II ("war" should be "War")
p 84, 2nd column, 1st sentence: "Afferent" -> "a different"
p 88, Second column under Anniversary project notes 7 lines down individual is misspelt as indivdual. now fixed.
p 93 spells Call Nygotha, Telepathy, and Mind transfer now have asterisks.   

Back Cover Table of Contents - third column - “Money for Campiagn” now “Money for Campaign”

CHA2301 Sourcebook for the 1920s
p. 1, paragraph one "The timeline starts m 1890" (now in)
p. 7, in Einstein's biography the word "hypothecated" (hypothecated is as per the original)
p. 9, The * following uncivilized changed to single quotation mark.
p. 9, in the skills listing for Soldier in the Other Occupations box in the lower third of the page, “Automobil” should be “Automobile”
p. 13, In the second column,  Naval Skill example, “AU three aboard…” now “All three aboard…”
p. 13, "...the Myra Umps to the dock" (now limps)

CHA2302 Shadows of Yog Sothoth
p 2, first line: Shadows of You-Sothoth © (now Yog-Sothoth)
p 8, in the diagram of 2nd floor, dais is misspelled as "dias" several times.
p 16/17, map of Basement on p 16 uses the term "E. Coli Room" - this is changed to "Black Fever Room". Both same now.
p 18, chapter header should read "The Coven of Cannich" - not "Caimich"
p 55, first column, fifth paragraph, third line - capitalize Shantak.
p 65, 2nd column, under description of the hole - "A successful Spot Hidden roll will find the hole, or a Luck roll x will allow a searcher" 
p 66, first column, beneath "The Graveyard" - "The tombstones are overgrown, and many have fallO en over." - should be fallen.
p 68, first column, description of (29) Bedroom - unnecessary space "...now is gold-inlaid..."
p 68, second column, Cave of Gases description - "hands" now "hangs"
p 70, Philip Boucher's Mythos skill has a space before the rating

CHA2302 Shadows of Yog-Sothoth Player Handouts
P 20 of player handouts for SoYS (now switched to players map)

CHA2303 Asylum & Other Tales
p.4: The section Gate from the Past is now separate from that of The Mauretania.
p. 5, First paragraph, back slash at end of Ausperg pronunciation is now a bracket ].

p. 7, "Keeper's Information" now bold in The Magus and Skull, Human description.
p.8, Dictionnaire Infernal now spelled Dictionairre Infernal. (typo was in the original)
p 13, under Klaus Hunderpest - odd spacing, reads as "a 5 7-y ear-old"
p 13, last paragraph in the left column, "coffin Rd" should probably be "coffin lid"
p 16, a few times where "1D10" has been OCR'd as "ID 10"
p 16, under Financial & Social Rewards, "European" misspelled
p 17, second paragraph under "Keeper Information" - "Has-tur" should be "Hastur", i wager?
p 20, under notes for Second Byakhee, there is one instance where Byakhee needs to be capitalized
p 22, 2nd column, third line, "Data:" needs to be indented & formatted to match the rest of the text.
p 24, in the description of the sheriff, "jowls" is misspelled as "jowels."
p 31, first column, last paragraph - "a Italianate" should become "an Italianate"  (original typo)

CHA2303 Asylum-handouts.pdf
p. 10: Many missing spaces: (all fixed)

CHA2304 Cthulhu Companion
p.32, Elaine Gibbson lacks EDU stat (now has EDU of 15)
P. 26, column 1, the phrase “One even- int, he…” is now “One evening, he”

CHA2308 Trail of Tsathoggua:
p 3, column one, second paragraph: physicallyfit is now "physically fit" x2, and "morescholarly" is now "more scholarly"
p 5, first column, paragraph beginning "During the..." -- spacing issues "halfmillion" and "nowdegenerate"
p 5, first column, "The Hyperboreans has weathered" now "Hyberoreans had weathered" .
p 10, first column, third paragraph under "The Wall In The Ice" -- "slowlymoving" needs a space
p 10, same paragraph, "caste" should be "cast"
p 11, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph beneath "Clues Found In The Ice" -- "recordof" needs a space
p 12, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph: "theinvestigators" needs a space.
p. 20, boxed text, second column, 6th row: itsSIZ (should be "its SIZ")
p 20, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph below boxed text, "spareslyfurnished" needs a space.
p 28, first column, third paragraph, "approachesmore"
p 38, "The Hounted House"
p 50, 3rd paragraph, "Scottish lines" now "Scottish linens"
p 52, 2nd column, last paragraph, space needed- "(See “The Van Laaden Papers 11.”)This book was kept only...."
p 54, 2nd column, 2nd paragraph - missing space, "(See “The Van Laaden Papers 12” and “13.”) This slim volume..."
p 54, 2nd column, top boxed text has unclosed parentheses.  
p 56, 2nd column, "the druid will drag himself out and being attacking the investigators" -- "being" is now "begin"
p 63, "melee round, and hot good unless..." -- changed "hot" to "not."
p 63, 2nd column, beneath At The Mission - "buildingsare" now has a space.
p 64, first column, third paragraph - "TheDawn" now has a space.

CHA2310 Fragments of Fear
p 25, 2nd column, third paragraph - a "Library Search" roll is called for - change to "Library Use"?
p 27, first column, "...hide on the ground If the investigators try to interfere, or..." - period added.
p 28, 2nd column, first paragraph - "30yards" needs a space
p 28, 2nd column, third paragraph - unclosed parentheses & "beings" now "begins"
p 33,  no page number! & missing periods in several journal entries.
p 34, boxed text, 2nd paragraph - "1 5" now "15"
p 34, boxed text, 2nd paragraph - missing a period " grow papyrus reeds Any investigators with the Botany...." - period added
p 34, boxed text, third paragraph - "which resemble skunk-house- cate hybrids..." now "skunk-housecat hybrids
p 39,  boxed text, 2nd column - " own teeth When he is done, he sacrifices a point..." period added.
p 39, boxed text, 2nd column, second paragraph, -  " resist it normally However, it is specially."  period added.
p 42, first column, 2nd paragraph: "escape to the future, all witnessing investigators lose 1D6 SAN."
p 45 - the paragraph beginning "If the viewer succeeds..." is now within the box.
p 45, first column, under Secret Room C - "The piece weighs a little over 6% lbs" changed to 6 1/2.
p 46, second column under "The Byakhee" " attacked, the fight until all of them are destroyed" -- now "they fight until..."

Edited by Rick Meints
updated errors corrected.
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On 8/19/2021 at 8:58 AM, Rick Meints said:

The two page piece of art with the title "The Catch" is right in the middle of the handouts section. I have a feeling that because someone removed the handouts they also removed this picture. The handouts are not part of the regular numbering scheme of the book, so I imagine that your book goes right from page 36 to 37, without having amy handout pages.

Does this mean we will have the original handouts included in the books as well as the fancy new ones? 

Edited by Rick Meints
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7 hours ago, Pinetree said:

The Keeper Screen seems to missing the Resistance Table?

The first edition of the screen didn't actually have it. I grabbed the wrong screen shot for the Kickstarter example, which used the 1988 screen by mistake.

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Hope that Helps,
Rick Meints - Chaosium, Inc.

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LAST CALL for corrections - we are sending the Call of Cthulhu Classic files to the printer next week.

If you have any further corrections, please post here by 31st August.

Corrections that come in later than that will be updated in the PDF and in future printings.

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