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A Few Spells (Thanatar equivalent) for Fire and Sword


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Dark Light

Cost: 1 Point

Duration: Episode

This spell is like a Light spell, except that the light it creates is only visible to the caster and anyone in Mind Link with him. Others are left still in the dark.

Digest Scroll I, III

Cost: 1 Point

Duration: Until One Scroll Has Been Eaten and Digested

This spell allows the caster to eat a scroll, reducing the time needed to read it to the time needed to eat it. This spell also allows the caster to roll twice on each roll to read the scroll, and take the better result. Digest Scroll III gives the best of three rolls, and allows the caster to read scrolls in a written language he does not know, as if he knew the language.

Ritual Beheading, I, II, III

Cost: 1 Point for I, 2 Points for II, 3 points for III

Special: One use, consumed when ta head is added to the collection

Duration: Indefinite

This spell allows the caster to capture some of the knowledge of the beheaded character. Ritual Beheading I captures oneof the victim’s skills or spells, with a loss 0f -5 to casting skill. Ritual Beheading II captures two of the victim’s skills or spells, with a loss 0f -5 to casting skill. Ritual Beheading Iii captures three of the victim’s skills or spells, with a loss 0f -5 to casting skill. This spell does not capture shamanic skills, such as spirit combat or discorporation. It can be used to capture a shaman’s Tradition Lore. It can effectivel capture sorcery skills or spells.

Divine Magic spells are regained using the head’s cult lore, but no more than one head can regain divine spells at a time. The caster must take time out to regain the spell as if he or she was regaining the spell herself, since a severed head cannot regain magic on its own. Heads cannot act on their own, nor may their spells or skills be increased with experience checks.

Spells from diferent heads cannot be combined. Casting a spell from a head is an action, and severed heads do not act independently. Spells cast by a head may be combined with spells cast by the caster of Ritual Beheading.

This knowledge can only be called upon if the character is within divine magic casting range of the severed head. Thus users of this spell cannot capture a lot of heads and leave them at a far away base. On the other hand, they do not have to display them on their belts, either. This spell makes a good combination with Shrink Head, below.

If the head is destroyed, the caster loses the abilities associated with it. If the head is destroyed, the caster may regain ritual beheading. Ritual beheading preserves the bones of the head separated from its body indefinitely.

Shrink Head

Cost: 1 Point

Duration: Permanent

This spell shrinks a head that has been ritually beheaded to a size of about an inch, to make it easier to hide. It has no other effect.

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This sounds like a fun world, and those are nice spells.

A few comments:

Digest Scroll I and III have the same point cost, I don't think you meant to do that.

I'd like a little more info on when Ritual Beheading is cast. The name suggests that you cast it on a captured enemy right at the moment you cut their head off but the description suggests you just cast it on the head of any recently deceased spell-caster - which is it?

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