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Winter Solo for Squires?


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Our first generation of PKs are almost dead, and we're encountering a gap with the second generation. Some of my players would like to play squires (a la The Book of the Entourage). What they don't have is an applicable winter solo. I'm thinking about something like this:

Squire Solo

Check one of the following: Battle, First Aid, Dagger, Horsemanship, Siege.
Check one courtly skill chosen by your knight.
Check one Trait that is famous for your knight.

How would you handle this?

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I'd just use the rules in Entourage, with possibly the added trait and passion checks you suggested, and whatever skill checks that they gain.

Although if they are 18+, I'd just knight them early with -1 misc pick in chargen each year they are younger than 21. This is Anarchy, right? So presumably knights are needed.

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