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I use the Mythras imperative rules, which have you roll endurance every couple of rounds. Failure imposes a skill penalty at first, and is fairly quick to recover (15 minutes). Another failure hits your movement, then another hits your initiative and steps up the others, etc. eventually you end up losing actions as well. The recovery time increases as well - two failed rolls has you tired for a few hours, and another gets you for 6, another is 12, and so on. ENC impacts the endurance roll a bit. In practice I’ve found if you get to the second level, you are pretty done. 

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15 hours ago, Barak Shathur said:


I'm not sure the fancy pdf version had appendices (even if it said it did). This comes from original distribution file, it doesn't really tell you anything you didn't know already 🙂 



The majority of the changes in RQIV are with respect to mechanics, not names of skills, spells or characteristics, so converting RQIII characters should be relatively painless. 

Ideally converting RQIII characters should be basically a transparent operation, with most changes being forward looking and modular (use them only if you want to).

The major changes that will affect most characters are the addition of a agility skill called Maneuver that governs movement in combat, and the addition of a magic skill called Spirit Combat, which governs spirit combat. A section on skill conversion follows this section.

Three skills category modifiers, Agility, Knowledge and Stealth have changed. They should be refigured appropriately, but skills above the level of base skill plus or minus the new modifier that fall into those categories should remain the same, so for the most part the only change that takes place is to the modifier itself.

The Damage Modifier has changed, and if a characters STR and SIZ fall into a new category, that category should be used instead.

Fatigue has been eliminated and replaced by a Fatigue Roll. See Fatigue for how to calculate a character's current Fatigue Roll and status.

A number of new skills have been added. Most characters will be concerned with only two of them: Maneuver and Spirit Combat. 


Edited by David Scott


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Yup. What I'm most curious about is how to deal with the additional skills, like Bargain and Act for example. Suddenly there's a bevy of extra skills (most of which are quite useful) for the characters to be incompentent in. I'm wondering if I should let my players move points freely from old to new skills if they wish, or give them a skill point pool to distribute to the new ones. The second option seems icky. 

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