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Weird of Hali Kickstarter


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On 10/23/2021 at 2:41 PM, Alex Greene said:

Bad news: the KS did not meet its funding goals.

This is not bad news at all.  It’s far better to find out now that there isn’t the hoped-for audience for this title than to learn later, once money has been sunk into its development and the costs of bringing it to market.  Back in the day, the genre of “fantasy heartbreaker” littered the RPG landscape with indie titles that their startup designers had poured their hearts and second mortgages into to publish.  Today crowdfunding like Kickstarter has revolutionized the economics of RPG publishing not only in terms of generating development money, but also supplying ruthless market research.

(Plus the costs of short-run printing/print on demand are now low enough that serving a tiny niche markets is feasible.)

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On 9/24/2021 at 1:25 PM, Ian Absentia said:

Yes, I approve!

And I backed it.  Hoping it meets its modest funding goals.

I'm all for a game that works with the more incomprehensible aspects of the Mythos and against the traditional portrayal that they're inherently evil.

I never liked the idea that the Mythos was inherently evil... but I'm not really a fan of the notion here that they're inherently good either. Poor misunderstood monsters...

I wish Sigil & Sign had made it... sounded closer to what I'd want to play, as a setting, if not a system.

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