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4 hours ago, skulldixon said:

Wrote up a bit of a review of The Smoking Ruins Adventure with some of my thoughts on what to change or add to the adventure.


Thanks for the thoughts - I'm in process of running so very useful to see how you approached.

I'm early in Act 3 at the moment (though currently in Quackford rather than Duck Point).


I ended up changing the whole Act I/Act II structure as it did not fit my campaign. 

Since my PC's are troubleshooters and investigators for Queen Leika, I simply had Daravala bring the mission to find the Mirror of Ernalda to Queen Leika (with a limited time window before the next Ernalda holy day), and the Queen called upon the PC's to take on the quest.  The PC's meet Treya in the Queen's audience hall where Treya is entertaining the tribal council, and hooked her in there - which still gave opportunity to engage the PC's with Treya as someone familiar with the Storm Age legends and the Smoking Ruins.  There's an unstated rivalry between Daravala and Ereneva Chan, but that's largely outside of the PC's view. 

One outstanding question in my mind to deal with as the PC's approach the Smoking Ruins is why no one has investigated or resolved the magic of the Ruins to date (assuming at least 100+ years since the Kingdom of Sartar was founded to do so).  Burning ghosts and Vamargic are certainly possible reasons, but if humans have tried before, it's surprising that Vamargic wouldn't have finished his necklace yet.  What keeps curious and adventurous humans (Grazers, Sartarites, or Tarshites) away?

Possibilities I have in mind are that it has to do with either:

1) the dragonewts - perhaps a curse such that the smoke takes the form of a sinuous dragon that appears and acts like a dream dragon.  Perhaps this effect is fading now with the Dragonrise, but was enough to warn away would be investigators for a long time.

2) the beast men - when they ambushed the surviving trolls, they left their own spirit magic traps on the natural access points to the plateau.  Might be spirits that sometimes are found at the Wild Temple, or perhaps illusory warnings.


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