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RuneQuest Starter set corrections thread


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12 hours ago, PhilHibbs said:

You can roll one against the other, this has been suggested often by the designers as a way to resolve your conflicting passions. I think it might even be suggested in the soloquest.

I just happened to open to a page/section where it had it (via a route I hadn't been able to explore due to poor rolls). So, yes, there's at least one in there (which I subtly referenced).


For this, I gave the players* the option to roll, and then (As per the core book), the chance to override it if they wished. (Bowen, both chose the same option..... Dishonorable cads!)


(* as per the "who's bought/used the SS" thread, I'm introducing a couple of Chinese uni students to the game.. They generally alternate choices and rolls)

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On 1/27/2022 at 9:29 AM, Jason D said:

Everything up to 1/22/22 that was implementable has been implemented and the files have been sent to the printer for a reprint. 

The current download from Bits & Mortar is still the original set and hasn't been updated yet. Have the Chaosium downloads themselves been updated? I bought my Starter set from my FLGS.

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16 hours ago, Scornado said:

The Vostor folio has him with Summon Fire Elemental (including in the picture).  The same is true in RQG where the character also appears.  Summon Elemental uses the relevant rune ("Summon Elemental (type) -
Rune varies depending on elemental being summoned), which would be Fire. However, he has 0% in that Rune so presumably could not cast it.  I wonderd whether that should have been Summon Lune (i.e. Moon Elemental) but the Bestiary states that it is necessary to have Moonrock from the surface of the Red Moon, and these are rare so seems unlikely.  So, what should it be?  There is a thread from 2018 about the subject wrt RQG but that does not seem to be conclusive.

The spell has the Magic rune :20-condition-magic:, so page 39 says: The Magic Rune :20-condition-magic: means the spell can be cast using any cult Rune. If more than one Rune is listed, the caster may choose which to use. Vostor may use any of the Seven Mother Runes' (:20-power-life::20-element-moon::20-power-death:) to cast the spell. 

I've added this to the Starter Set Q&A here.

Note that the Starter Set rules are different in places to the Core Rules, and this is one of those cases, the Core Rules section on this is here.

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I own the PDFs version, and bought two copies of the boxed set. 

Now, that the 2nd printrun is on its way: How can i tell the two printruns apart? If i see one of the shelf on a game store, how an i am able to tell which printrun it is?
Has Chaosium made a tiny difference, so we can tell without comparing the booklets?

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The following NPCs have the Spirit Magic spell of Lantern


Book 2:
Page 34, Jorjera Latish
Page 36, Joh Mith (Spirit has Lantern)
Page 53, Typical Resident
Page 55, Typical Jonstown Merchant and Typical Jonstown Free Sage,

Book 4:
Page 39, Andralor

These characters are not members of the cult of Yelmalio, who hold the spell as a cult secret (Red Book of Magic page 107)

Should these be the Light spell instead?

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On 3/18/2022 at 12:00 PM, AndreJarosch said:

Because you don´t make opposed tests with yourself. 
You roll Honor OR you roll Hate. 

You certainly can make opposed tests with yourself, see below.

On 3/18/2022 at 2:13 PM, PhilHibbs said:

You can roll one against the other, this has been suggested often by the designers as a way to resolve your conflicting passions. I think it might even be suggested in the soloquest.

Yes, see below.

11 hours ago, g33k said:

I'm pretty sure you DO make opposed tests with yourself (optionally, player's choice)... at least, in the RQG core; so does the Starter Set consider this one of the elements it has streamlined?

The Starter Set covers opposed roles of:

  • Passion vs. passion (mandatory rolls)
  • rune vs. rune 
  • rune vs passion

See Book 1 - Rules:, page 20:

  • Mandatory Rune and Passion Rolls
  • Conflicting Runes
  • Runes and Passions

Passion vs. passion is only explicit in mandatory rolls, it's used in the soloquest (93, 96) as Vasana's passion is at 90%. This is slightly streamlined. It is however possible for a GM or player to use it in other situations if they wish (as in the Core Rules).

Again, if you have the Core Rules use those and not the Starter Set rules to avoid confusion.


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The files don't seem to be updated. My spot check is to see if the stats on Nathem's shadowcat, Rurik have been corrected, and in the download files in my account and the download files that are free to download on the product page, Rurik still has bison stats. It is clear a lot of work has gone into obtaining and entering needed corrections and I am cheering for you to get across the finish line to delivering them. I am sure that all this correction work is distracting from getting the bonus pre-generated characters with non-human backgrounds out into the world, and I really want to see those, so I wish you success with putting the major corrected files out soon.

Thanks for an outstanding product in my favorite imaginary world. Keep up the good work!

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Evan Franke | Co-host of Exploring Glorantha (on YouTube for Iconic Production) | Author of the forthcoming fan publication Red Moon and Warring Kingdoms (in collaboration with Escalation! A 13th Age Fanzine)


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On 7/29/2022 at 2:44 PM, DreadDomain said:

I am also interested to know when the file will be updated in the store.


On 7/29/2022 at 2:44 PM, DreadDomain said:

Also, there was supposed to be a reprint in the work with integrated erratas and strurdier booklet covers. Is it still the plan?

Another big, fat  +1  from me!

I will be buying at least 1 more Starter Set as soon as I can be sure I'm getting the updated product.

It will be a gift; the recipient has already seen & rather liked my copy... but startlingly found something like 4-5 glaring typo's in their first 10 minutes look-through.  It kind of doused their enthusiasm.

I think they can re-ignite... if  I can get them a cleaner copy!

Edited by g33k
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