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Now available in print: BLACK SPEAR - a Hero Wars saga for RuneQuest

Nick Brooke

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More BLACK SPEAR reviews! Sixteen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings so far, please don't forget to add your own opinion, as it's the only way I'll ever learn...

BONUS CONTENT: Violence is Always an Option, a page of ideas for pointless combat encounters you could add to each Act of my scenario, if your players insist on that sort of retro silliness. (You'll need to stat them up yourself, as I don't know if your players are one-legged trollkin-fodder or seasoned Harrek-slayers). Check your Library or the product page when logged in to DriveThruRPG for the new download.

More Reviews 12OCT21.png

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  • Nick Brooke changed the title to Now available in print: BLACK SPEAR - a Hero Wars saga for RuneQuest

Out now in cheap (standard colour) print for $35.95. There will eventually be an expensive (premium colour) edition for $49.95, but unless you're made of money I can't believe anybody who didn't make it will want to own that one. (The proof-printed copy hasn't yet arrived, so I can't yet put it on sale)


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Premium colour hardcover edition now available. Comparison shots on the RuneQuest Facebook group: as usual, premium colour looks better (richer, subtler, deeper) than standard (cheap) colour printing, but the standard colour edition is perfectly serviceable. $5 off normal selling price until Halloween in this format: just $44.95.

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