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Sun Archer of Estangtang

Joonas Katko

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This is my first attempt at a 13th Age (Glorantha) class, please give feedback as I am not experienced in making new rules for this things. It's something I designed for a Pavis campaigns I am planning.

Sun Archer of Estangtang

This is based on the Ranger class, but with quite a few changes. It’s more limited in choices to fit playing a member of a specific Hero cult. Material about Estangtang can be found in Pavis& the Big Rubble, Sun County and Pavis: Gateway to Adventure

Required: You must be a devotee of Estangtang the Griffin Rider, one of the Foes of Waha and a Hero of Pavis. You must also be a member of the Pavis city cult. You cannot be a member of a Lunar cult. Theoretically, you must be human, but you could be something else with an appropriate one unique thing. The cult is small and has no non-human members yet, but the Hero, having been a Dragon mystic, most likely does not care.
Play Style:  You rain deadly, mysterious and magical arrows on the enemies of your home city. And fire, lots of fire. You can hinder and weaken your enemies. You have the companionship of a flying animal and dream of one day finding one of the legendary Flaming Griffins that Estangtang rode.

Ability Scores:   Dexterity is your most important ability score, powering your attacks.  Wisdom is useful for magical attacks and utilizing the Draconic secrets of the cult.  Constitution is always useful for any character but you are not really a melee combatant. Sun Archers of Estangtang gain a +2 class bonus to Dexterity of Wisdom, as long as it isn't the same ability you increased with your +2 racial bonus.
Backgrounds:   You might be a young hothead, eager to drive the occupying Lunars from your home. You might be a grizzled veteran of the Rubble, who was recruited by the cult with promises of long lost power. You might be a hunter of Chaos, who fights the evil lurking beneath Pavis.  You might be a seeker of Draconic secrets, who wants to learn of this hidden power.  You could be a Defender of Pavis, who sees it as the future of Prax and something worth saving.  You might be an Old City loyalist , consumed by thoughts of revenge against those who hurt you or your family.  
Gods:   You serve Estangang the Sun Archer, Foe of Waha and a Hero of Pavis. He was also one of the very few humans ever to worship the Sun Dragon and knew many forgotten secrets.
Runes:  You must have the Fire rune that you display to others and the Dragonewt rune you try to keep hidden. The cult tries really hard to hide the draconic connection.   

Level Advancement:  I’m not really up to writing a whole new one, use the Ranger one.

Sun Archer of Estangtang Stats
Initiative, AC, PD, MD, Hit Points, Recovery Dice, Icon Points, and Feats are level dependent.

  • Ability Bonus +2 Dexterity or Wisdom (different from racial bonus)
  • Initiative Dex mod + Level
  • Armor Class (light armor) 11 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + Level
  • Physical Defense 12 + middle mod of Str/Con/Dex + Level
  • Mental Defense 14 + middle mod of Int/Wis/Cha + Level
  • Hit Points (6+ Con mod) x Level modifier (see level progression chart)
  • Recoveries (probably) 8
  • Recovery Dice (1d8 x Level) + Con mod
  • Backgrounds 8 points, max 5 in any one background
  • Runes Fire, Dragonewt, a personal rune of your choice
  • Talents 3 (see level progression chart)
  • Feats 1 per Level


You begin with a sword, a bow, light armor in archaic Pavic style, and a text with cryptic sayings of Estangtang.  

Armor and Weapons as a Ranger

Class Features

  • Dragonewt Rune:  Once per day when outside combat you can re-roll a failed roll to know, remember or understand something. If you succeed in this new roll you gain draconic insight in the matter.  
  • Sun Archer: As Arcane Archer in Dark Alleys & Twisted Paths. You are considered an Adept. No Frost sphere nor Thorn sphere (more limited choices to fit the theme). In addition, replace Force Sphere with the following Draconic Sphere
    • Draconic Sphere (This sphere is about mystic draconic powers hurting not only the bodies of your enemis, but their very being)
    • Wound the Flesh (1st level)
    • Cost: 1 Charge
    • Effect: If you hit the target then on its next turn it can either take a standard action or move action, but not both. 
    • Wound the Mind (3nd level)
    • Cost: 1 charge
    • Effect: If you hit the target then on its next turn its attacks do not trigger special effects (such as Medusas' petrifying gaze), they only do the damage indicated in the attack and nothing else. It does not benefit from any specials that would be activated by it making attacks (or from its attack rolls) for that turn, but does benefit from ones activated by it taking damage or by other triggers.
    • Wound the Whole (5th level, requires Wound the Flesh and Wound the Mind)
    • Cost: 2 charges
    • Trigger: An enemy that is not in close quarters with you hits you or an ally with an attack.
    • Effect: The enemy must make a new attack roll, targeting either an another enemy, or itself if it is the only enemy left. The attack resolves against the new target.
  • Flaming Griffin: Your animal companion gains the Dire Animal Companion Talent (as per DA&TP) once you complete a special HeroQuest to seek this power (counts as a HeroQuest reward). This requires at least level 5 and some kind of adventure to get the needed information from the spirit of the Hero. Possibly proving your skills against some particular enemy of the city. Or supplicating/meeting/trading with a mighty worshipper of the Sun Dragon (or the Sun Dragon itself) If you do not have the Animal Companion Talent you gain it as a quest reward for completing this quest. You gain the Dire Animal Companion talent at your next level up. If you do you can choose one additional Animal Companion talent at your next level up.

Talents: 3 to start with, one on 5th and one on the 8th level.

Archery, Double Ranged Attack, First Strike, Lethal Hunter, Tracker: As standard Ranger.

Favored Enemy (must be either: nomad, Chaos, spirit, undead)

Animal Companion:  As a druid, but the companion must be an animal that flies (this lowers the cost to one talent choise).

Survivor, Ways of the Land: As per DA&TP

Eye of the Dragon: When you make ranged attacks with your bow you can ignore any penalties from obscuring circumstances (fog, smoke, wind etc) or low light (but not total darkness).

·         Adventurer feat: If you are able to draw your bow you can make ranged attacks in without any penalties whatsoever.

Champion tier talents: Big Game Hunter, Deadly Aim, First Blood, Improved Double Ranged Attack, Merciless Hunter: As per DA&TP

Epic Tier Talents: Hail of Arrows As per DA&TP Pack Circles the Prey: If your pet scores a critical melee attack, otherwise as per DA&TP.

Dragon in Mind and Motion: Gain a 5-point background representing a profound yet partial understanding of the draconic nature of things. In addition, gain the following power:

Dragon Motion


·         Close-Quarters Spell

·         Daily

·         Interrupt

·         Trigger: You are hit by an attack.

·         Effect: Take half damage and teleport to far distance from this enemy.








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