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Stormbringer Character Creation - Designer Edition

Jason D

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8 hours ago, Jason D said:

I don't have access to my copies of SB at the moment. Which edition was that rule in? 

First, but it got carried over for a few more editions. I'd have to hunt for the rule as it is buried somewhere in the text. From what I recall (and it's been decades) a master weapon did a extra die of damage, equal to whatever it's base damage die was. The main reason why I remember the rule is that in a long ago campaign some of te characters bough such weapons, but one guy died, and his surviving field put the weapon up on the wall in remembrance. Something that annoyed the other player as he was expecting to get the weapon handed to his new, completely unrelated,  character. 


Normally I'd consider an extra damage die to be a bit over the top for BRP, but in early Stormbringer, where demon weapons got +1d6 per 10 STR, it kinda worked. It gave those without magic something extra. In latter editions with the "dice ladder" I'd say treat the ability as one or more bumps up on the damage ladder. So a 1D8+1 sword could get bumped to 1D8+1d2 or 1d10+1 or some such. 


UPDATE: I did the hunt for the rule, and found it. On page 58 in SB1 under [4.8.4] CRAFT:

If the roll is successful, a functional item of the desired
type is turned out. If a critical roll (10% of the needed roll) is
made, the item is especially durable, useful, and/or beautiful.
Clothing will protect against another ten degree drop of tem-
perature, weapons will do another die of damage, armor will
add another lD6-1 to the amount of damage taken, jewelry
will be worth twice what it normally is, etc.


The rule lasted through SB4, until skill descriptions got rewritten in Elric!


And it was really something of an Easter egg in the rules. You had to be one of those people who read through the entire rule book including skill descriptions to find it. Stormbinger has a few things like that tucked away, such as adding half Juggle skill to any thrown weapon skill.


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On 11/10/2021 at 4:17 PM, Gaynor the Damned said:

If ever a relaunch did happen please support vtt. Preferably foundry. Stormbringer is a niche game and difficult to get a local group. Our current group has Swiss, a German, Brits, Scandinavians, a Pole and a Spaniard.


From that group it sounds like you should cross planes to the Tragic Millennium!

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re commen ts about racial differences etc earlier in thread, as im busy porting my Elric of Melnibone group to Mythras on foundry something thats struck me is how bland EoM can feel compared to Stormbringer and even Elric! Ive ported over with the EoM2 RQ6 rules with the Magic of the Young Kingdoms book and pretty much vanilla Mythras. Ive got the journal and items all set up. Im now tweaking and tuning a bit. Im going to re-add a lot more race/culture skills, combat styles and equipment. 

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