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Grimoire Back Cover Blurb


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I know some of you probably think that I and this project have fallen off the earth, but the manuscript is nearly finished and I'm already pulling in lots of amazing art to make it look fantastic.

I'm toying with the 'back cover blurb' and this is what I've come up with so far:

In the pages of this Grimoire, you will find many new and exciting ways to expand the power of magic within your campaigns. Regardless of which magic system you choose to use, Grimoire has something for them all!

Divine Magic-New miracles for many different faiths.

Magic-New spells for magicians to master, as well as a guide to converting spells from other Basic Roleplaying power systems to Magic. Additonally, rules for Masteries and Grand Masteries, skills that allow master magicians and archmages to manipulate magic in potent and diverse ways.

Spirit Magic-A plethora of new spells.

Sorcery-New spells that highlight the often dark nature of Sorcery and those that use it. Also, some new ritual spells that can increase the power of any Sorcerer willing to learn them.

Basic Magic Sorcery-Extra spells to expand the Sorcerer’s repertoire, as well as new sorcery skills that allow sorcerers even greater ability to fine tune their magic.

Ritual Magic-A completely new method for using and casting Ritual Magic that is compatible with all Basic Roleplaying magic systems, and can be used alongside the system presented in Basic Magic. And what’s the point of a ritual system without tons of new rituals? Absolutely none! So Grimoire comes stocked with a large selection of rituals to suit any style of campaign, from the dark and gritty to epic high fantasy.

Enchanted Items-Using the rules presented in this book and Basic Magic, Grimoire provides a catalog of useful enchanted objects, from the petty to the most potent of artifacts. All are listed with costs of their creation, in case a truly ambitious ritualist wished to build their own, or a gamemaster wanted to make sure they appear with the rarity, and are treated with the respect, they deserve.

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