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Classic Fantasy: The Temple of Set, Now Available!


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An epic Classic Fantasy adventure set in the shifting deserts of Aegypt!

Something foul is lurking beneath the sands of, and a horror of the ancient world is about to be reborn!

While investigating the disappearance of a nomad clan, the characters uncover a sinister plot that threatens all of Aegypt with unspeakable horrors. The stakes have never been higher as the adventurers face deadly foes in the city of Ombos, brave the haunted wasteland of the Firewind Desert, and finally confront the black evil that festers in the catacombs beneath the ruined temple.

The Temple of Set is an adventure for experienced Rank 5 Mythras Classic Fantasy characters and takes place in the mysterious land of Aegypt, an ancient kingdom of vast deserts, soaring pyramids, and powerful magic. It is fully compatible with Mythras, and highly compatible with just about any d100 fantasy system.

The scenario is 80 pages, full colour, and available in POD and PDF from the links below.

$24.99 POD (includes free PDF), or $9.99 for the PDF only.

DrivethruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/368058

Lulu: https://www.lulu.com/en/ca/shop/darvin-martin/temple-of-set/paperback/product-eqywgk.html?page=1&pageSize=4

TDM Store: http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/The-Temple-of-Set/p/413714637/category=23403107



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The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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54 minutes ago, smiorgan said:

How much do I miss if I try to play it using Mythras only? Is there a lot magic specific to Classic Fantasy? Unstatted monsters that require looking up in the CF book?


Most of the creatures are fully detailed in the scenario, and while there may be a few spells that are unique to Classic Fantasy, it's easy enough to deduce their Mythras equivalents. Some new spells unique to the adventure are also included.

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The Design Mechanism: Publishers of Mythras

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I must say, for me this Adventure is excellent. I am able to move encounters and items to different rooms and areas with little problems. Helps me deal with sneaky players who try out guess me in what happens next. Or buy/read The adventure before going through it. Thank You.

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