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On the Origin of Ducks


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This tale was shared by Treya of Ezel with her companions enroute to the Smoking Ruins.

Treya settled in by the fire and noted, "This, indeed, seems a dismal place! No wonder no one has contested with the Ducks to live here. You know it is said that Eurmal the Trickster created the Ducks, or perhaps, more accurately, that he cursed the Ducks? Yes, it's a true story. There was once a powerful race of bird folk born where light, wind, and water all came together. Some say this was far away in the distant Ocean. Others that it was a great sea that lay at the base of the Cosmic Mountain, the Spike. They were great known as mighty warriors, and joined in the great combats held in Kargan Tor's Court of Conflict. They were never as powerful as the gods, of course, but they were as powerful, or more so, than any mortal race.

"Eurmal, of course, was always an envious deity, up to mischief and no-good, and he took great delight in causing harm to the mighty and powerful. He insinuated himself among these bird folk, encouraging them in their fights against the Eagles, the Giant Vroks, the Wind Children, and even the greatest of the mer-folk. One day he came to them bearing strange leaves. He told the bird folk that these were the leaves of the Invulnerable Tree which grew at the peak of the Spike in the Garden of the Celestial Court. The bird folk immediately wanted to eat the leaves, and so make themselves invulnerable in their battles in the Court of Conflict. But Eurmal told them 'no, no! that's not the way the leaves work!'. He told them that the powers lay hidden and dormant within the leaves, and they must perform special rituals and undertake secret ceremonies to gain the powers.

"Eurmal, of course, thought this was all very funny. He had the bird folk perform all sorts of silly rituals. He had them hop on one leg across a river - without ever getting wet. He had them fly upside down so that the Sun would illuminate their bellies and the shadows would darken their backs (that's why all the Ducks have white bellies, even now). He had them dive deep into the Sea to return with the seven Sea Snails - which Eurmal ate, of course, because he was hungry. And he had them perform even sillier rituals. At last, the bird folk grew tired of these tasks and demanded that Eurmal reveal the truth of the leaves.

"Eurmal, of course, acted worried and concerned that the bird folk were not yet ready. They assured Eurmal that they were. So he told them how they had to carefully roll the leaves together and then dry them. They did this. Then he told them how they had to light the leaves on fire, and use the power of the air to carefully drew in the smoke so that they would be filled with the power of Invulnerability. So the bird folk tried to light the rolled leaves on fire and breathe in the smoke. But they could not light the leaves. So Eurmal revealed to them that of course the leaves would not light, because they were Invulnerable Leaves. Only the fire of the Sun himself could light the leaves. But the Sun would never let the bird folk just walk up and light the leaves against his radiant body - he was too pure for that. So Eurmal revealed to them the other secret - they would need to prick the Sun with a tiny needle, and that would let out just enough of the Sun's fire to light the leaves. The bird folk nodded as they listened, and then plotted how they could get close enough to the Sun to prick him with the needle.

"Finally, the day came when the bird folk had their plan and they were ready to go. They gathered at the Sun's great court, and when the Sun arrived, they promised the Sun a fine show. The Sun was pleased at this for he always liked entertainment. First, the bird folk danced and flew in a graceful ballet. Then, the bird folk told an epic tale that went on-and-on - so long that the Sun grew sleepy. Finally, the bird folk sang a quiet lullaby to put the Sun to sleep. Two of the bird folk then cautiously advanced - one with the rolled leaves, one with the tiny needle. At last they were in position beside the sleeping Sun. The one with the tiny needle jabbed the Sun. As they did so, the needle grew larger and larger - it was, of course, the power of Death, in the form of a great spear - and it plunged into the heart of the Sun. The Sun died - and broke apart, releasing all his parts, including the fire. The leaves, of course, caught fire - and the bird folk greedily inhaled the smoke. But the smoke just made them cough and cough. And the dying Sun, in his rage and fury, cursed the bird folk. He seared away their glorious wings. He melted their fine beaks until they were flat. And he cursed them to forever live in the shadow of Death. So the Ducks were made, and made to live here in this dismal place where Undeath is but a short distance away.

"Eurmal, of course, went away laughing happily. And all the Ducks were left with was the secret of rolling and smoking the foul leaves which they still do to this day."

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... Is this an 80s style War on Drugs PSA?

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4 hours ago, Akhôrahil said:

"Just say no to ducks."

"This is your brain on ducks."

"To be a Duck, or not to be a Duck? That is the question—Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous Duck haters, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And, by opposing, end them?" - the famed Duck, Bill Shake-spear


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