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heroquesting focused on change rune

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Hello all

the :50-power-movement: , as other runes, covers a lot of things.

I would like to explore the transformation power (shape-change for people and / or for object)


If we don't follow water and Hykim & Mikyh activities,  what could you advise as story or cult about such transformation ?


for example, Gustbran "is able" to create a shape, but should it be possible for him to transform a sword in an axe. I see him as able to create and repair, but not (because his stasis rune) to transform something in something else. I may be wrong thoug.

Same for Mastakos, I see his :20-power-movement: as a motion power, but is he able to change the shape of something ?

Maybe earth light or darkness have some secrets about this too ?


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Sartar (the man) as a Larnsti was a master of the Movement rune (apparently) and there are several stories of him transforming things:

  • Sartar saves Rostakos (Colymar King) from assassins, who are turned into termites.
  • He fought a war with a band of sorcerers and turned them into Brass Mules
  • Sartar cursed Brangbane with the result that he turned into a Ghoul in 1501 ST - not sure about that one

So, sounds reasonable for some obscure/powerful subcult of Mastakos or for the Larnsti


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