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On 8/16/2022 at 6:25 PM, Oracle said:

Any plans to make the corrected PDF Starter Set PDF available in the near future?

On 8/17/2022 at 10:48 AM, Oracle said:

Book 2 - Glorantha section in corrections document for RQ Starter Set from 26 January 2022.

First bullet point reads

Is this corrected version of the map available anywhere?

Yes, once the second printing PDF is out.

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Starter Set, Blank Folio

Craft has a tick box, but the two lines underneath for filling in two different Craft skills do not. Remove tick box, and place two on the lines underneath it.

Same with Speak Other Language, a single check box doesn't work for two separate skills.

Also, Cult Lore should not have a tick box. Customs (Local) should.

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1 minute ago, Dragon said:

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant that those 4 spells themselves are no longer incompatible. With RAW, it appears I could run both Shield 2 and Spirit Block 2 on my PC.

An individual adventurer can have Shield and Spirit Block up at the same time, they are not incompatible.

They cannot have Shield of Darkness up with either Shield or Spirit Block. The incompatibility with Shield of Darkness does not make the individual spells incompatible with each other when used without Shield of Darkness.

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18 hours ago, Rexhab said:

The Rune Spell Crack (p.35 RBM) cannot be cast on a magical object.

1. What is a magical object

Items that have a permanent magical effect on them, no matter how simple.

  • Enchanted items (they cost permanent POW to make)
  • Blessed items (from gods, spirits, etc)
  • Magic Crystals (noted in the spell description)
  • Spell matrices (noted in the spell description), these are enchantments
  • Elf Bows (noted in the spell description), these have their own POW and are living, not magical objects

If the effect is time related (spells, etc) it's not a magical object as the effect is not permanent (noted in the spell description). 

18 hours ago, Rexhab said:

1.1 Is an unenchanted iron helm seen as a magical object ?

No, it is not enchanted. However note that unenchanted iron reduces the chance of both casting and being affected by a spell by 5% per point of ENC (W&E 14, GMSPA 121).

18 hours ago, Rexhab said:

1.2 Is an enchanted (p.46 RQ -RBM) iron helm seen as a magical object ?

Yes, it has been enchanted

18 hours ago, Rexhab said:

1.3 Is a dagger with Magic Point Enchantment (p.117 RBM) seen as a magical object ?

Yes, it has been enchanted.

18 hours ago, Rexhab said:

1.4 Is an sword with an Humakt blessing (p.296 RQG : 9,10 or 11) seen as a magical object ?

Yes, it has been blessed to give an effect that is magical. Blessings are magical in nature.

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21 hours ago, Barak Shathur said:

Questions about movement, charging and attacking:

First please note:

Strike rank determines who has the first chance to make a successful attack. RQG 192.

It is important to always keep in mind that strike ranks simply determine which attacks are resolved first in the melee round, and whether successive actions can be attempted. Each strike rank does not represent each second of the melee round. RQG 192.

21 hours ago, Barak Shathur said:

How does this relate to the +1 SR for every 3m moved? It sounds like when two combatants first join melee combat, this rule is disregarded and SR are simply SIZ SR + DEX SR + WSR. However, if someone moves to join an ongoing combat, the extra SR for moving is added because this individual arrives later in the round. This makes perfect sense. If however, the SR penalty for movement is applied to any fighter initiating combat by moving, this act is penalised compared to just standing and waiting, and would incentivise a kind of reverse chicken race, while also contradicting the basic premise of melee SR whereby first strike is gained by the individual with greater reach and speed. This would make no sense. Could you clarify?

The GM can choose to ignore the movement strike and get on with the combat or choose to impose movement strike ranks. Note that movement is is minor strike rank criteria. You quoted the answer:


However, the gamemaster should consider the time taken to get from point A to point B when an adventurer joins an ongoing melee or charges across a distance at a foe using a spell or missile against them.

If your players are going to play the I'm not going to move and so gain first strike, don't use the movement strike ranks. Just get on with the game. 

21 hours ago, Barak Shathur said:

Mounted charge:

A combatant is only able to move half move and conduct an attack in the same round. How does this relate to mounted charges? To carry out a mounted charge, by which is meant gaining the use of the mount's DB instead of the rider's, you have to ride at least 20m in a straight line. This is more than half the move of e.g. horses and bisons. Does this mean that it is impossible to carry out e.g. a lance charge in one round, and in effect the individual being charged gets to attack the charging combatant first, in the round in which the charger reaches him, while the latter only gets to attack in the following round? This seems wildly unrealistic and penalising towards charging. It makes no sense. Or is it rather that it's the mount that is considered moving rather than the rider, so that the rider is able to attack at his normal SR even though the mount itself moved more than half its move? The effect would then simply be that you can't do a mounted charge and have your mount attack in the same round. This would make perfect sense. Could you please clarify? Thanks.

Note that the movement system gives all mounts a MOV of 12. This is an abstraction for combat as clearly different mounts have different  manoeuvrability and speeds (see RQ Bestiary, Mount Speeds, page 147).

If the rider (and mount) is unengaged and is charging into combat. Their statement of Intent will be "I charge into the melee and am going to hit person A". Next round they attack at their usual strike rank.

eg Vasana strikes at SR6. Everyone knows there is a thundering bison coming, those with a lower SR can strike first. The target can of course step aside, but the GM can choose not to apply movement strike ranks. Vasana just steers into the moving target. Don't forget that after the attack, the bison doesn't just stop, as GM I would add the remaining strike ranks as movement. Vasana would charge though the melee and out the other side. Other combatants may attempt to attack them as they pass through.

If the rider is already engaged, they will need to move out to get a run in. This is not disengaging. Just assume it takes two melee round to move out, turn, then charge in. Attack on the following round.

If you or your GM want's to make it more complicated than this that is up to them.

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4 minutes ago, radmonger said:

Moving while engaged is not disengaging?

Disengagement has specific criteria. 

4 minutes ago, radmonger said:

Does that means they are still engaged even through they are 20m or more away from the person they are engaged with?

Yes. Everyone (who's looking that is) can see them wheeling ready for the charge. Those concerned can prepare in their Statement of Intent. See the Q&A on Engagement.

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12 hours ago, Dragon said:

From the Bestiary, the entry for Krarshtkid states they have skills in Tongue and Spit, but does not mention a range. It is pretty clear the fangs and claws attack only in melee range. But the tongue is meters long and the spit should be able to project a little farther. But there is no range provided. What are the ranges and are each treated as Thrown Weapons (no effective value over 20 meters) or Missile Weapons (with a medium and long range)?

We suggest 3-5m for the tongue. It is not a thrown weapon (as it has to retract). Treat Spit as a thrown rock.

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6 hours ago, Squaredeal Sten said:

In The Pegasus Plateau and other Stories, the Gloomwillow's Hollow adventure, page 111, the Gloomwillow stat block:  "Summon Shadow (any, 1-3 pts)". Is Summon Shadow a typo?

Yes, Change

Summon Shadow (any, 1–3 pts.) to Summon Darkness Elemental (any, 1–3 pts.)

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