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Question re Sword Rulers Cult, Elric of Melnibone, MRQII


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Hi All,

Can somebody help me? In my upcoming game one of the PCs is playing a Pan Tangian Warrior Priest with a Pact to Mabelode, King of Swords. I've no problem with him using his free skill points to 'buy' 2 additional runes, however he has chosen 3 (he gets 2 for being a warrior-priest, one of which is a Rune of Concealment) that aren't listed as being available to his cult, so I've asked him how his PC acquired them...that's not the question. My question is; on page 140 of the EoM book, it says:

Gifts and Compulsions are available according to whether or not the adherent follows the general cult of the Sword Rulers or has joined one of the cult’s sects (see Special Notes, below). Members of a Sect can use both tables; those outside a sect use the General Table.

I must be blind Freddy, because I can't see any special notes and I'd like to know what they are because this Cult, unlike most others, does not enforce the taking of a gift & compulsion, I quote

Sword Brothers and Sisters
• One Compulsion and One Gift, if one wishes to take it.
• Training in one Cult Skill, either establishing the skill at its
base percentage or improving it by 1D4+1.

and I'd like to know what's missing, maybe sect members have to take a gift & compulsion at each rank, maybe not, but it would be nice to know for sure...
I'm assuming that the gifts and compulsions listed are for sect members, those who venerate the Sword Rulers as a pantheon, choose their gifts & compulsions from the 'general' list for Chaos cults.

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Looking back at the original draft of the book, Special Notes were not included, but were intended to offer certain gifts for each of the sects referenced in the Politics section, and then expanded on in the relationships with other cults. It's more than 10 years since I wrote that material, so I've no idea why or how I missed it (or why the editor didn't spot the omission and take me to task on it; remember though - editing wasn't always Mongoose's strong point in those days).

I would suggest enforcing a Gift and a Compulsion (because they're fun), but perhaps the GM should choose which, fitting the G&C chosen to the nature and aims of the sect.

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Thanks for the replies guys. That player has actually left, but I’ll certainly keep that advice in mind for NPCs. 

@Loz I’m finally getting to run my Bedlam in Blackcliffe scenario as it was first written, as Death in Dhakos….as a prequel to She Dreams of Empires. The players did the things players usually do, i.e. not behaving as expected. And are now head into Nargesser to get some clues.

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