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Error in Quick Start rules / Firearms in Close Combat (Point-Blank range)


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Nothing serious, but I just wanted it to be posted as the Quick Start rules include the only basic combat example and helps a lot of players to understand how it works.

--- Explanation ---

There is an error in the Combat Example. A shot with a Firearm in Close Combat is unmodified. The Attacker gets 'Easy' for being at Point-Blank Range and 'Difficult' for being in Close Combat, so both modifiers negate each other. This is explained on page 224 in the BRP rules book:

"while firing a missile weapon while engaged in combat is considered Difficult. However, if the attacker and the target are both within close combat range, the attack is Easy due to the rules for “Point-Blank Range” (page 229), meaning that the skill chance is unaffected."

--- EoE ---

I sent this to Chaosium, maybe they change it one day ...

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