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Changing time for scenarios


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I am starting a campaign in 1619. It will be based on Six Seasons in Sartar and Compnay of the Dragon. But I would like to add somw extra adventures. The scenarios in GM Screen and the Starter Set seems to be very post-Dragon Rise. The Apple Lane scenarios are very much ”post-Gringle”.

Are there any other scenarios that are easier to play in the 1619–1624?

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6 minutes ago, Bill the barbarian said:

I believe the HQ scenarios are set in the time period.


Yeah. I will try to adapt the Colymar Campaign to the period. The Eleven Lights will be harder as it doesn't really work together with Six Seasons/COTD. But I will use Return to Apple Lane and maybe some other scenarios. 


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6 minutes ago, Soccercalle said:

Yeah. I will try to adapt the Colymar Campaign to the period.

The Colymar campaign is an option, but particularly the scenarios in the HQ Sartar Companion book, e.g. Return to Apple Lane (when Gringle is driven out), Ghosts on the Ridge, Two-face Hill, Gifts of Stone, Crimson Bat comes to Sartar.

The old HW era Sartar Rising books (Barbarian Adventures, Orlanth is Dead, Gathering Thunder) have quite a few scenarios that can be adapted too.

From the RQ Classic sets, the Trollpack might give you some interesting scenarios/interactions.  There is no specific timeframe for those.  The Sazdorf Ruins can tie into the Gifts of Stone scenario noted previously.  Journey to Skyfall Lake, Munchrooms, etc. could all work (while avoiding Lunars).  Or there's always Snakepipe Hollow.

If you've got any RQ3 Renaissance era books, the Harvest Bride in Sun County transplants very well to Sartar (I ran in my Colymar campaign).

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Soccercalle, I've been where you are - now I'm just 5 1/2 Gloranthan years ahead of you.

Six Seasons does have some suggestions for inserting added events / adventures, see pp.121-136.  As I recall I only used one of them.   The suggestions are opportunities to immerse the players into the Gloranthan background.   I didn't feel that I needed to add to Six Seasons in Sartar because it's pretty fast moving and the new characters, just into adulthood, don't need any more heavy challenges until they build up their skills. 

But after Six Seasons - The RQ2 Griffin Mountain book gave me a year of game time that I inserted before transitioning to Company of the Dragon.  (And in the transition i brought in two new players when two who had just been curious about Six Seasons quit my on-line game to go back to face to face play.)   To get there I spent some time with Trollpack.   I threw a light heroquest in, partly because i could see a place for it in the sandbox and partly because i just wanted to try my hand at a heroquest.   All this was great experience for the players, the characters,  and the GM - room for political intrigue, room to be chased by an Allosuarus.

And before they left Sartar and when they returned to Sartar I did run them through episodes derived from the Heroquest material that Jajagappa and Runeblogger referred to above.   I thought all of these  worked well.  When the adventurers got back from their year in exile they were ready to lead in COD. 

I haven't added much to Company of the Dragon, mostly because it has so many options, and I had already inserted a year of Griffin Mountain into the calendar.  But for Xmas season I did run The Throat of Winter, available from Jonstown compendium. 

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