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Seasonal skill increases


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I see that many posts discuss XP. I am a friend of rolling the dice for skill increases. But I am also struggling with spending time on this when all the sessions are online and people are quite busy. I trust my players but are thinking of a compromise where the you roll för increases in the skills you are using during a scenario. But where you just add some points for the seasonal skill increases.

I am thinking of a system that replaces the "Experience Btw Adventures" rules on page 416 in the core rulebook.

You can choose four occupational or cult skills. And maybe also two runes or passions.

If they have 90-%. They can add 1%

If they have 70-89%. They can add 2%

If they have 50-69%. They can add 3%

If they have 1-49%. They can add 4%.

This will also make it possible to increase Lore skills witch cannot be increased by adventuring. I guess that an adventurer can spend time reading or something like that.

I may also rule that they can't choose skills that have been increased by adventuring. I may also decide that this experience will not happen if where has not been enough "down time" during the season. (For example if they have played 2 or more scenarios or been traveling).


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Just doing a little back of the envelope...

  1. I assume PCs get a bonus to their starting skill and their experience rolls from their attributes of 10%.
  2. I took the standard flat increase of 3%.
  3. For your breakpoints I used 90% for the top tier and then assumed the midpoint of the range for the other tiers.

I calculate the expected value by multiplying their chance to succeed on a skill increase roll (including their attribute category bonus). That results in the following expected values. [My additions to what you wrote are in brackets.]

If they have 90-%. They can add 1%      [20% x 3 = 0.6]

If they have 70-89%. They can add 2%  [30% x3 = 0.9]

If they have 50-69%. They can add 3%  [50% x 3 = 1.5]

If they have 1-49%. They can add 4%.    [95% x 3 = 2.9]

Your awards are a little bit higher than my back of the envelope expected values. That doesn't seem overly generous and it has the virtue of being simple, graduated, uses whole percentages, and it avoids extra die rolling. Seems like a pretty reasonable idea to me.

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