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What skill for detecting lies?


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I recently bought the 3rd edition of OpenQuest, and am excited to run it for the first time!

I have a question regarding skills. I understand that Influence or Persistence is used to resist the use of the Influence skill. However, I don't see any skill or mechanic for simply detecting a lie or hidden motive (ala Psychology from CoC, or Insight from D&D5e).

Is there a mechanic I'm missing? Or is the idea that such situations would fold into Influence: Fast Talk, even when someone is not attempting to bluster/confuse? Or is it simply not in the philosophy of the game that such situations have a mechanical element? 

Thanks for any answers/opinions!

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I think the Fast Talk skill (and the Social Combat rules generally) is broad enough to cover the situation you are talking about. Even in the case where someone is not trying to hide their motives, or confuse, then it seems like there's no need to roll anything; but in certain circumstances, if a player explicitly tells me that their character is studying someone for tells or body language cues, an unopposed Perception or Influence roll might give them a little bit of insight (assuming the target is making no attempt to hide their feelings, which I would count as an automatic failure in terms of opposed rolls, etc.). 

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Thanks for your thoughts!

I guess the written description of Fast Talk felt a bit more narrow, but I agree that it's the most straightforward answer to allow if a player wants to roll something. 

One of the things I liked about OpenQuest was escaping some games with giant skill lists, but I guess it's still a mental adjustment when that results in some combinations I'm used to being separate. 

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