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Miskatonic Repository: Korean to English translations?


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With more than 150 of the Miskatonic University titles being Korean and one of the newst one being the No. 1 Top Seller on Drivethru (yes, not only No. 1 Top Seller of the Community Content, but of ALL of the titles avauilable in Drivethru!), getting from being listet on January 29th to todays Electrum Statuis (251+ sold PDFs!) in mere 2 days:
Can someone here read Koread and English well enough to take into account to translate the best of trhe Korean adventures into english?
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I keep seeing these Korean titles popping up and they really intrigue me. Perhaps Chaosium might make a translation like they did for Does Love Forgive? one day. Maybe if there’s enough interest (and surely claiming a top spot on DriveThruRPG should generate that interest) then it might be looked into.

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