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Humakti and the spell "Bind Ghost"


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10 hours ago, soltakss said:

Interesting. In the travelogues in Cults of Prax, it mentions that a Humakti became a wraith, I think, and the merchant was shocked as he was a Humakti.

I guess, you think of this part (Cults of Prax, Classic reprint, p.66):


Eye-whisper said he detected the ragged ghost of Alain, sword of Humakt, plaguing the consciousness of the healer. I recalled that Humakti had prepared an expedition against broos active in the Sog's Ruins. The mere thought of a foe which could make a Humakti Rune Lord remain as an undead did chill me to my soul.

So it's about a ghost, not a wraith, and this ghost is called an undead. But I guess, that this is just an in-world simplification/generalisation. Rules-wise neither a ghost nor a wraith are undead as both have POW.

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This issue is a genuine actual FAQ. I’ve personally seen it multiple times just in the last couple of years.

On 4/24/2022 at 8:52 PM, svensson said:

However, I'd draw a line at willing vs. unwilling ghosts as guardians. A Humakti that wishes to stay on the Mundane Plane to serve his temple or descendants one thing, but imprisoning a soul that wishes to translate to their afterlife smacks of Chaos and Thanatar.

The Humakti spell requires that the spirit must be a volunteer. 
I don’t think it’s necessarily Chaos or Thanatar etc to force it though - any shaman with a binding enchantment might be able to stop a spirit of the dead from moving on - but it certainly seems pretty nasty. Thanatar magic is Chaotic because the Heads are pretty much undead - they aren’t just ghosts, but remain some semblance of life, at least at first. A better comparison is Tusk Riders using Death Binding to bind a sacrificed victim into their tail or hand - not Chaotic, but generally considered evil, selfish and awful behaviour. 

On 4/28/2022 at 5:58 AM, soltakss said:

In the travelogues in Cults of Prax, it mentions that a Humakti became a wraith, I think, and the merchant was shocked as he was a Humakti.

First, this was a long time ago, and we didn’t have all this sort of thing 100%sorted out, and Biturian isn’t an expert - he may have referred to a ghost as undead in error.

Though the Bind Ghost spell was from Cults of Prax. I don’t think a ghost is referred to as Undead in any of those era books, and the spells mostly haven’t changed. 

Second, his shock at a Humakti remaining as a ghost is, I think, about it being done against their will. Even in Cults of Prax the spell required them to be a volunteer - and a Sword of Humakt would have access to Free Ghost you would think! 


On 4/26/2022 at 6:14 AM, svensson said:

So even a Humakti who is bound to a sword after Death is only remaining in the Mundane Plane temporarily.

Bind Ghost isn’t an Enchantment, though, and binds the ghost to an area rather than an object. I don’t think it stops with the death of the caster. 

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