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Destined - Superhero Roleplaying, Now Available!


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We released Destined on the TDM Store last weekend, but are now delighted to announce that the newest game from the Mythras stable is available from both Lulu and DrivethruRPG.

Destined is a complete game of superhero roleplaying. Whether you like the classic style of four coloured comic books, the cinematic gloss of recent television and movie superhero adaptations, or even the gritty, violent works of certain stories, Destined lets you do it. Based on the acclaimed Mythras RPG system, Destined provides full rules for creating, equipping and running superheroes of most kinds and at three campaign levels (Street, Epic and Paragon).

The powers system ensures that core powers - those that define what your Destined hero can do - always work, regardless of what they are, but can be enhanced and improved through the use of Boosts, and tweaked through Limits. Heroes with the same core power will look and feel very different with this unique customization, and heroes can have more than a single core power, allowing for an infinite array of costumed crimefighters, caped vigilantes, and power-armoured billionaire playboys.

The special Allotments system offers access to gadgets, equipment, hideaways and other crucial resources without overbalancing characters. Super Teams can be assembled around core allotments, with every character drawing on the things they need for their adventures. And, as you'd expect from a Mythras game, combat is exciting, cinematic, and tailored to the genre. Heroes can punch through walls, be hurled into buildings, and even attempt to dodge bullets - and climb to their feet afterwards. Damage is handled in ways that reflect superhero conventions - but still allow for injuries and consequences. And when coupled with the powers, Destined combats reach truly epic proportions.

To get you started, Destined comes with a hero-cave full of advice and guidance for creating your own stories and running the game. A setting is also provided in the form of Gemelos City - a USA west coast metropolis that is home to tech giants, shady corporations, street gangs, Mob-controlled crews, and its own history of supervillains and superheroes. Destined has everything you need for superhero roleplaying: marvel at your creations and adventures!

Hardcover & PDF

334 pages

$44.95 - $19.95 (PDF only)

Destined Thumbnail.png

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