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The line between Chaos and not Chaos


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On 5/4/2022 at 9:09 PM, French Desperate WindChild said:

Not sure that is in the correct thread but could you explain deeper ? I don’t see the difference (use words for a Frenchie without any philosophical background -or few-) 😝

Okay, the question is the difference between the Void and annihilation.

I draw your attention to Cults of Chaos page 11 (Cosmology)

"The Void unknowable, never knew.

The Mover touched and made touching, but never knew.

Silence woke, and wished up the world, and hoped to know.

Plasma sang and entered the world, and knew the world at last." 

The Void is one of the concepts of creation, formless beyond emptiness and indescribable.  Note there are 4 factors, and each is linked to a type of magic in Glorantha, with the Void being linked to the mystics.  You can go outside the Sky Dome, and hence "into the void" without being annihilated.  We might therefore consider the Void to be akin to the vacuum of space.  Annihilation what happens when a being is absorbed by chaotic monsters.  Allegedly they are consumed, body and spirit.  Now for a mystic, it may be that the states are somehow equivalent, but no other magical style can come back from annihilation.

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On 4/28/2022 at 6:09 AM, Eff said:

Things that are both Chaotic and non-Chaotic:

-Reanimating the dead
-Devouring, annihilating, or in some way removing a soul from the normal cycle of life and death

The first 2 differentiate between chaos & not-chaos by ritual and godhead.

IMG the BG can eat the rapists' livers (vit. D poisoning not being a concern in Glorantha) in the temple ritual after she's been purified and consecrated* to undertake their elimination. If she does it as a private act there's a chance (and IMG a very high chance) that she'll attract the attention of Cacodemon. It's still horrific, and the table's reaction demonstrated its power, but it's held from being chaotic by the rituals and the god.
In play terms this stops horrific acts from becoming casual parts of the game. Casual cannibalism frex results in either a cacodemon attack or the PC going ogre. Either way the player is likely to lose their character. All my Waha players try to perform the Peaceful Cut over fallen enemies. It also makes the cults more immanent in play, not just RP fast chargers.

IMG eliminating souls is chaotic. I know of nothing (and stand to be corrected) that does this which is not chaotic.

* I must note that the consecration involved a long and complex make up session involving my BG player and her Ernaldan accomplice.

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On 4/27/2022 at 7:11 AM, Ironwall said:

What exactly is the line when is something cruelty and selfishness and when is something chaos. Is this even a line or is it a blurry image? Gargathi tortures people to create whirlveshes but they aren't chaos so when is something chaos?

Possibly when some heroquesting identity challenge imposes that identification on an opponent (or themselves). While I think that Arkat did embrace Chaos in his ultimate fight against Nysalor in the City of Miracles and had the Chaos credibility to curse the land, Talor only was tormented by Chaos in his sojourn to the Underworld through the Gate of Banir before his rescue by Harmast, but he still was able to impose the explicit chaos nature of the Telmori curse.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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