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I’ve found Innsmouth!


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The real world name is Maroochydore.

1. Everything is dripping wet, mouldy and sticky. The waves of the Pacific Ocean continuously pound the nearby shore. 

2. The locals are afraid to go out at night, and are frightened of talking to strangers.

3. Everything closes at 9pm. Then the streets are deserted, except some small. late night pubs, where surly locals ply visiting tourists with alcohol.

4. There’s lots of suspicious activity in the woodland near the shore.

5. Everything is heavily barred and locked at night.

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I just had a Google and Maroochydore has a coastal suburb, Mudjimba, which includes...

"Mudjimba Island sits about 1 kilometre off the coast. The island forms part of the suburb and is protected [....] The island is known as Old Woman Island, and is associated with an Aboriginal legend"

"In January 2003, the Queensland Government decided to sink the decommissioned HMAS Brisbane off the Sunshine Coast to become an artificial reef and dive site. On 31 July 2005 the ship was scuttled in approximately 2.8 nautical miles off the coast of Mudjimba in 27 metres of water. The ship was filled with 200 to 250 tonnes of concrete, and 38 small charges were detonated to breach the hull. The ship sank in two minutes and ten seconds"

I think our friends in Delta Green might have a different explanation for that.

Finally..."There are no schools in Mudjimba"




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