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Scenarios to insert into Two-Headed Serpent?


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Haha yeah. I'm having a blast with the pulp setting (plus anything to get away from D&D for a while.) So far the only problem I've had with the campaign is that I wish that it gave travel times. Seems like a huge oversight.

I just added my own mini chapter after the first chapter involving a trip on the Graf Zeppelin. I'm also planning on adding another mini chapter involving a plot by the Jade emperor.

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@Grimmshade yeah don't look too closely at travel times - I spent a while looking at what aircraft were available at that time and what their ranges were and it was not pretty viewing! I think the "redlining" idea is best as this whole campaign is about getting straight into the action, though if you did want to lean towards the classic style some more then travel-based scenarios could work well.

Like you I am really enjoying the Pulp setting and I think my players are as well - it feels like a really good mix between heroic-style and dark horror gaming

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I've decided to just try to get a rough idea of how much time it would take to travel to the various destinations. Enough that I can say some time passes, but not stressing if I'm super accurate or not. 


I also think Pulp is the perfect blend of horror and action. It also finally allows me to use all the cool Mythos stuff that would just end an adventure in regular CoC. 

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