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From the Q&A: "We are doing fund-raiser for a worthy cause - can we get Chaosium support of that, and under what terms?"


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From our Fan Use and Licensing Q&A:

Q: We are doing a fund-raiser for a worthy cause (e.g. a charity, a convention, a campaign) - can we get Chaosium support of that, and under what terms?

A: We receive requests from charitable causes frequently, and we cannot support them all. We review all such requests carefully, and would want to see that the charitable activity you are undertaking is properly registered where it is taking place, and that we are broadly simpatico with its aims. 

If you are producing a fundraiser book or bundle, under certain circumstances and at our discretion, our license fees or royalties may be waived, and we might even host such an item on our website.

Some of the charities and charitable causes we’ve supported recently include Worldbuilders (Geeks Doing Good), the Transgender Law Center, the World Wildlife Fund of Australia Bushfire Emergency, the World Health Organisation's Covid-19 Solidarity Fund, the World Food Programme, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, National Bailout Organization, Herefordshire Mind Mental Health Charity, ZERO Prostate Cancer, among others*.



*A current charitable activity is donating all Chaosium proceeds from sales of the Jonstown Compendium RuneQuest release The Six Paths to the Transgender Law Center.


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