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New Keeper, possibly dumb question about CON loss?

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Hi! New (First-time) keeper here and I have a (possibly dumb) question about permanent CON loss, specifically the 7e version of the Withered Limb spell...

The description in the 7e Keeper's Rulebook says that it does 1D8 damage and causes a permanent loss of 2D10 CON. (And, of course, basically destroys a limb, which I assume is permanent.)

So let's say I have an investigator with CON-50, SIZ-50 and 10 HP. Assume I take 4 points of damage and lose 10 points of CON. Absent a Major Wound I assume the 4 HP with recover normally. (Or is the withering of a limb automatically a MW, regardless of damage?) BUT does the CON loss mean that I will now, forever, only have 9 HP? So I can only recover 3 points? Do I drop to 5, from my new max of 9, minus the 4? Does my new CON not affect my max HP amount, and I just keep the 10 I had?

How do you play this out?


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