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Best Stormbringer introductory scenario?

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I'll be running a Stormbringer one-shot for my group as a change of pace between Call of Cthulhu campaigns. I'm looking for something that captures the spirit of the Young Kingdoms and isn't too dungeon crawly. I've read some of the adventures in the 3e GW core rulebook, and haven't been that enamored by them, but with some work for additional background, I can see them working. 

Does anyone have a favorite one to introduce people to Stormbringer? 

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As old adventures go "Stealer of Souls" is a pretty simple and brutal story of vengeance in Bakshaan and ties directly with the events in the Elric saga. It is low on supernatural elements (but the few that appear are scary enough) and can be played like a bit like a Western. Think Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven". Character motivation has to be carefully addressed by the GM. It works best if the characters are amoral thugs who are in for the money, are in love with Freyda Nikorn, have a debt of gratitude with the deceased Nikorn, or their own grudge with their targets. It is short enought to be squeezed into a long session.  It can be expanded into a campaign using its sequel "Black Sword" - but the sequel needs work.

Another great adventure is "Stolen Moments" from Perils of the Young Kingdoms. But it's a bit on the longish/ complex side to be played in one go. I rather expanded it into a mini-campaign (using Old Hrolmar's sourcebook), when I ran it. All the adventures in Perils of the Young Kingdoms are very good.




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