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A New Generic Fantasy System?

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14 minutes ago, ThornPlutonius said:

Mythras already has "passions".  There is no need to add them.

I was thinking more on this, and perhaps the intent was to include the fellow traveler of Passions in KAP -- the paired Personality Traits (which see use in RQG as Rune Affinities, but didn't make their way to Mythras).


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I have an older edition of Drakar och Demoner from a late eighties visit to Göteborg which still has percentile dice and skill steps of 5% (just like RQ2), and I too saw the D20 equivalent when looking at it. The only bonus application is "stat x3" or similar multipliers different from 5. The finer distinction for specials and criticals can be had by re-rolling the D20 (or chasing the first with a second) to check for specials or crits, even without doing any math. If percentile dice are your measure of BRP-ness, you can train your multiplication by five skills and use the numbers.

There is a difference in what a single MP can do in magic. DoD spells from back then tend to have more effect for the magic point than Battle Magic (when they don't just copy those), and no comparison to RQG sorcery with its wastefully high amounts of MP (which are required as the force of the MP in the spell overcomes resistances rather than the POW attribute of the caster).

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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