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Let's Build a Cult Leader!


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Funny story with this one. I started building this NPC and immediately thought it would be cool to give them an actual website associated with their business. I came up with www.getyousomesnakes.com. After posting the video, I had the idea of actually registering the website as a game aide (knowing nothing about how to do this in advance). I went to a popular site and registered the domain for 3 bucks and then made a rudimentary website. You can actually go there for the next six days! The Link Six days because I didn't understand that web hosting is an additional monthly cost (duh) that I wasn't planning on paying, so it will be there until the free trial is done. I tried connecting it to a Wix site, but you have to get premium for that too. If anybody knows how to forward a Go daddy domain to a FREE web-hosting service, let me know! It was a fun idea. 😛 


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1 hour ago, Squaredeal Sten said:

If you own the URL then you can point it where you please.  Get into "your account" on Godaddy  and look around.  To actually di it you will need some info from your new web host.


Thanks. Any suggestions as to where someone can host a website for free? I am obviously a complete novice in this regard.

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Best I can think of is to use wordpress.com - you'd have to use the wordpress blog engine/software to author the site. As far as I know you can point a domain you own at the site. If you want anything more 'bespoke' it's going to incur a fee from somewhere.

Using an existing domain with wordpress.com:


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That was fun to watch.

getyousomesnakes.com?! 🐍 I've heard about snake oil salesmen before but..

For hosting you'd probably want the above suggestion of a wordpress.com blog, or something similar, like blogger.com, ghost.org, etc.

You could look if there's a free domain name that you might fancy over here: https://www.freenom.com/en/index.html?lang=en. You could get a free .pk domain for example, but there are others too. Mind you that those free ones won't be ending with .com, but that's not a bad thing, its free!

Then have your free domain be forwarded to the homepage of your free blog. Here's how you do it for wordpress.com: https://wordpress.com/support/domains/connect-existing-domain/. That way, when people type in your free domain, they'll visit the game aid- Just hope that in the process nobody will yeet snakes or tumble down mountains while browsing the snake business.

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