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Medieval Societies - RPG Sources


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For my Thule setting I took a look at some roleplaying material for the design and description

of medieval societies, to complement the RuneQuest II Empires supplement I intend to use as

the setting's "background metagame".

Two of the sources I found seem good enough to mention them here, because they could be

useful for others too.

The first one is "A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe (Second Edition)". It was written

for the d20 System, but almost all of the ideas and informations are generic enough to be used

for all systems, including BRP. And it truly covers every element of a medieval society that co-

mes to my mind, from the manor to the kingdom, including magic and religion. A part I espe-

cially like is the building system in the appendix.


The second one is "Grain Into Gold". It deals with a medieval / fantasy economy, from the sta-

ple food up to the costs of goods and services of all kind. It is completely generic, a tool to build

a plausible economic system from the basic informations about a setting. The text is sometimes

slightly dry (economy tends to be ...), but the charts in the back also contain all the necessary

informations (including an almost endless example of a price list), just without all the explana-



If you are interested in the details of a medieval society and its economy, and how to design

some for your games, I would recommend to take a look at these two PDFs, at least for my

little project they already proved to be quite useful - in the case of "Magical Medieval Society"

even extremely useful.

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(Charlie Chan)

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