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Gushing about Cults of Cthulhu (and clamoring for a Cults of Hastur)


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I brought the physical copy along on my vacation, and it was a AWESOME.
The tome is an invaluable resource into the dealings of cults of Cthulhu and the details in the tome and various cult excamples are fantastic, well written and a treasure throve of ideas.
The use of "Scientology" as one of the cults was a stroke of genius. 

Now all I want for Halloween is an like tome, but with the focus of Hastur/The King in Yellow (And perhaps one for Shub Niggurath)

Great work team Chaosium 😄

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It's an excellent book, though most of the cult- and leader-building carries over to other deities.  You'd have to either repeat that material in another Cults of book - at least very close to repeating it - or have other Cults of books be supplements of a supplement.  Neither's a great option.  It does open a new community content avenue though.

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To an extent, I found Ripples from Carcosa to have a little of a Cults of Hastur book vibe.

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On 1/18/2023 at 11:57 AM, greger said:

Have people played through the scenarios? Do I need to have Gaslight era rules to be able to run "Loki's Gift"? Or will the core rulebook be good enough?

I really wish there had been some pregens for the scenarios in the book.


You don't need Gaslight to play Loki's Gift, it works with standard CoC. Cthulhu Through the Ages https://www.chaosium.com/cthulhu-through-the-ages-pdf/ includes a basic Gaslight investigator creation rules. But, you can just use standard CoC char creation to create Gaslight PCs, just choose appropriate occupations (which are, in the main, like the 1920s ones - professor, artist, journalist, engineer, and so on).

When the new edition of Gaslight is released, you will of course be also able to use the char-gen in that if you wish. 



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