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Meet my character, Kesten

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We're all aware of Heroforge minis and so I thought I'd post my screenshot of my character I'm playing in an r/20 game.

Meet Kesten, my Humakti. He's an Esrolian mercenary from Longsi-land and has ended up in Sartar as the current spate of warring has died down. This is my attempt at making him as Bronze Age Gloranthan as possible.

Side note, I ordered the fig and have received it. Once I figure out how to get a decent pic of it on my phone and upload it, I'll show you the completed product. I will say that this was expensive. VERY expensive. For those of us on a budget [and I'd hazard to guess that's most of us], I'd think twice then think one more time before ordering the Colored Plastic option as I did.


Kesten Blackblade screenshot(1).png

Kesten Blackblade screenshot.png

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