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Pole star in Sartar


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On 7/27/2022 at 2:38 PM, Darius West said:

So... Orlanth stays dead then?  And his Air rune remains with Valind?

Orlanth was brought back again.

However, while Orlanth was dead, nobody filled his role and became his replacement.

HeroQuestors might have tried to do it, to a limited degree, but none really succeeded.


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On 7/29/2022 at 2:49 AM, Joerg said:

After the conquest of the Sky Dome, Pole Star became the keeper of the exit of Orlanth's Ring, and possibly the loyal thane holding the stead while the Ring was elsewhere.

Well, sort of? I more or less take Rigsdal as presented in The Eleven Lights as his main role in the Orlanthi understanding of the Sky world.

On 7/29/2022 at 2:49 AM, Joerg said:

That Elmal role... why should Yelmalio get all the fun and credit?

Rigsdal is distinct from Elmal, because the night watchmen is a different role - their job is to raise the alarm, not lead the fight themselves. 
Yes, Polaris in Dara Happa is a war leader god -doesn’t mean Rigsdal is. 

On 7/29/2022 at 2:49 AM, Joerg said:

Not much of a cult on its own, but possible as a subcult or rune spell of Elmal/Yelmalio or Vinga or some other entity.

Agreed. But an associated cult of a minority variant cult adds up to very small indeed. 


On 7/29/2022 at 2:49 AM, Joerg said:

Kallyr did investigate sky lore, followed Orlanth's Ring and got involved with the gatekeeper

sure, though she seems (according to the HeroQuest material, it may have changed) to have picked up her celestial lore mostly from oddball heterodox Dara Happans. It’s certainly possible that she studied Rigsdal legends, and it’s also possible that she later (after she was already connected to Polaris by heroquest, though) exchanged notes with the Eleven Lights heroquesters (who of course may be PCs) or at least Minaryth Purple. Or the reason Minaryth Purple is able to research that quest so effectively is because of earlier researches on Kallyr’s behalf. 

On 7/29/2022 at 2:49 AM, Joerg said:

Why not Inora?

Why Inora? 

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18 hours ago, davecake said:

Why Inora? 

As a result of the Hill of Gold, Inora reflects the light on the mountaintops. The Heortlings look up to Kero Fin as the resting point of the Cold Light that brought them through moxt of the Darkness. The Pole Star is never far from the peak of Kero Fin when you look up.

The top of Kero Fin traditionally being obscured by clouds makes this a bit problematic, agreed.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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