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Pendragon traits to RQG runes


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So I am working of adapting The Stormwalk Path from TotRM18 to RQG, and have ran into a thing that I thought I would confer with the Tribe about.

At one point the pcs are asked five riddles, one for each of five orlanthi virtues, and for each successful answer they get a Stone of Virtue. Now, the adventure is using the Pendragon Pass rules which is Pendragon rules set in Glorantha. The five runes and their associated traits are as follows, with the RQG rune I would imagine being closest in paranthesis after:


Stone of Vitality trait: Energetic    (Movement rune)

Stone of Giving trait: Generosity   (Harmony rune)

Stone of Justice trait: Just           (Man rune)

Stone of Pride trait: Proud            (Air rune)

Stone of Courage trait: Brave       (?)


In the adventure as written the traits/runes are relevant at a later stage. I am stumbling over what to use instead of the Brave trait though, none of the runes seem to really translate.

Maybe I will rewrite the effects but thought I would consult other minds first. Any ideas or opinions?

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For purely esthetic reasons I would prefer if all the runes are elemental, or all are power / Form dualities (which would open the possibility of two answers being accepted, one for each side of the pair, so having different paths). If we ignore that trickster Moon, each has five runes or pairs. 

Elements. Energetic Water, Generosity Earth, Just Fire, Proud Air and Brave Dark (in this case it might be Fearless, rather than Brave). It also has them following the sequence, excepty for Dark at the end rather than the beginning. 

Powers. Energetic Movement, Generosity Fertility, Just Truth, Proud Harmony and Brave Man, as only someone who understands Fear can be Brave.

Just a suggestion, and other assingments would work as well. 

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Those are all very good suggestions, thank you!

I think the idea behind the traits in the original adventure was that those are the religious virtues of Orlanth. I tried to map to Orlanth's runes in my attempt. Going to give this some more pondering, the players won't get to this point in a while anyway.

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I didn't try the scenario, so I don't know if my question is appropriate or not.


The issue I see is that if you use runes, you decide to exclude from some tests characters who technicaly (If I understand well that the tests are for Orlanthi) should have all more or less the virtues. I would expect that any good orlanthi has in any orlanthi virtues something like 80+ / 75+ / 60+ / 50+ / 50+. Of course there are bad Orlanthi.

Is it possible for  a band of Orlanthi PC to fit with my 80+ / 75+ / 60+ / 50+ / 50+  arbitrary proposal ? Or are all pc bad orlanthi because they don't follow at all one or two or more virtue ?


I think calling the rune as an augment is something interesting but basing directly the answers on different runes that probably no characters can have  (except if 2 or 3 tests are based on the same rune) is hard (of course if the scenario is a very hard one where partial failure is expected it is nice)



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The issue to me is that AFAIK, we only have personality traits listed for some of the Runes (Elemental Runes), and multiple traits per Rune at that. I have seen no definitions or charts that provide traits for the other runes, though of course they can be inferred from the nature of the runes themselves. And, I may have missed something somewhere!

After reading the OP yesterday, I went back and checked all my PDP sources (including a Digest archive that I have). All seem to keep Traits and Runes separate. Using Traits as listed in Pendragon; and some suggestions of using Runes for magic, with most using variations of the more traditional RQ magic systems.

Please make sure you post the rest of what your doing on this here! I'd love to see what you come up with!




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The way the scenario is written it is the players answering the riddles. It says they can roll against the trait to try to answer as well. (And also that a wrong answer lowers said trait, which I will not keep.)

The traits are more important later on when the stones can be used against a monster, but again here I think I will disconnect the effect a little from the traits.

On 8/3/2022 at 9:59 AM, French Desperate WindChild said:

I think calling the rune as an augment is something interesting [...]

I like this! My current thinking was that the runes did some damage to the monster and had a chance of shutting down some of its offensive powers for a turn, like a demoralize effect. The idea was that if the pc succeeds on a check against the rune associated with that specific stone the demoralize effect occurs.

Maybe have them augment the attack with that rune as well.


On 8/3/2022 at 10:08 AM, Akhôrahil said:

Unless there’s a specific reason for having the elements, Honor for Just would also make sense to me.

I was thinking that, but then not all the pcs have the Honor passion. But then they do not have all the elemental runes either. 

But again, that might not be a problem? If each riddle is given to a specific pc that has that rune or passion to a notable level then that will probably not be a problem. And that will also spread the focus out among the players.


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Okey so the idea that each riddle will be posed at a specific PC led me to the idea that the riddle should be posed to the PC who has that trait as at least something of a character trait, and to link it to a rune or passion that they are strong in. And not necessarily be limited by only using one type of rune or passion, because this is how I will use it in my campaign with these pcs. 

Which ended up like this:

                                              RQG Rune    
Stone of Vitality trait: Energetic     Movement
Stone of Giving trait: Generosity   Harmony
Stone of Justice trait: Just             Honor passion
Stone of Pride trait: Proud              Air
Stone of Courage trait: Brave        Death

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