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But Wait! MORE Heroforge


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First up, Barstan Sword-Sage


All metal except jewelry in told gold-tones.

Grey tunic in the color of his cult, orange and blue accents showing loyalty to the Storm pantheon.

Not heavily equipped, 'knowing-people' tend to let the thanes and would-be Heroes handle the heavy combat stuff.

Nevertheless, note the matrices in his jewelry. He is not a man to be dismissed.


RQ Barstan Sword Sage screenshot.png

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Next we have Korlest, a clan Thane.


All metalwork in gold-tones except jewelry. The splinted torso armor and helmet are a dull 'brushed bronze'.

From an 'Axe-Orlanthi' clan with strong Earth ties, battleaxe is his secondary weapon.

The pteruges skirting is looted Lunar gear, in Lunar colors.

Helmet and knee-cops purchased from Sun Dome sources.

Clothing is mostly homespun, with a brightly dyed tunic in Earth-green.

RQ Korlest Clan Thane screenshot(1).png

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Last is Turolan, Sun Dome Militia


A young Yelmalio initiate doing his annual cult service, Turolan is equipped from cult armories.

All metalwork is gold tone.

His torso and limb armor is dyed, laquered, or painted cuirboulli. It looks impressive, but it's not the plate of the Templars.

He is carrying a gladius, but the only time he ever gets to drill with it is while doing his two weeks of cult service. He's far more skilled at the spear.

A farm boy, his clothing is homespun and he bears no jewelry.

While the HF program has almost no RQ runes, I was able to get a Sun on a Sky blue background for his shield.


RQ Turolan SD Militia screenshot.png

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