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RQ3 with StormBringer 5th combat?


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Hello, all,

Right now I am working up an RQ3 campaign (non-Glorantha). The system fits hand-in-glove for what I want to do in my game, and I'm jazzed to introduce it to my group. I've long owned RQ3 (and SB 5th and CoC) but have never run a BRP game.

More than half of my group, however, are still quite new to RPGs. I'm afraid some of the concepts will give them trouble, particularly when it comes to combat (Strike Ranks and the like). I think SB 5's combat system is a better fit for those players, complexity-wise.

What would be the potential pitfalls of using the combat system from StormBringer 5th edition with RuneQuest 3? Is it workable?

I know there's a bit BRP book out that might facilitate this, but with my recent engagement (ouch diamonds ain't cheap) I haven't the money to purchase it. So I have to use what I have.

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What would be the potential pitfalls of using the combat system from StormBringer 5th edition with RuneQuest 3? Is it workable?

Can't think of any pitfalls other than you might want to look at how magic will interact. I'm currently running a heroic fantasy BRP game that's largely SB5 / BRP core (the core elements of the BRP Big Gold Book most resemble SB5) and it's working fine. Funnily enough, I'm using RQIII magic... :D


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Absolutely workable in my view

There are a couple of mechanical/numerical things which might or might not worry you, but you could find useful to know aforehand

a Major Wound in Elric!/SB5 is half hit points, the equivalent in RQIII is taking out a hit location which is (roughly) one-third hit points

Random Armour Values in SB5 are a sort of dice roll equivalent of RQII armour values (which is why SB5 and RQIII values don't quite tally and also why the numbers in the Big Gold Tome (BGT) don't quite fit together (but work pretty in their own rights as seperate systems)

movement scores in RQIII and SB5 are quite different but both are consistent so handwaving is pretty easy

Criticals, Specials and Impales have different meanings

Simplest, easiest and best IMMOO would be just to transplant SB5 combat right into RQIII and ignore any wibbles or contradictions, trying to resolve each alternative rule one-by-one would probably lead to madness

Rule Zero: Don't be on fire

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