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The Old Kingdom (Garth Nix) conversion

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I've been listening to alot of books these past few months (3 hour round trip commute 2-3 times a week) and I've just finished the second book Lirael, of the Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix.

I'm working on a one-shot for an intro BRP game I'd like to run at GenCon (no scheduled event - just a meetup type game).

Has anyone done any conversions, notes, etc on this series.

The Runequest/BRP magic system fits extremely well within the Charter mage and free-willed magic concepts of the novel so except for putting some different names on the spells this one should be relatively straight forward.

Any input from the forums on converting fluff into disadvantages would be awesome!


Greg Volz

Natural Twenty Games


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Some off the cuff thoughts - as I get ready to go back to work from a week's vacation:

- Necromancy will be relegated to NPC's - only Charter Magic and Free Will Adepts will be allowed

- one of the pre-gens will be a free-willed magic being much like the Disreputable Dog

- The magic system will be a combination of memorized charter symbols with some characters (whose Magic score is above "x") having the ability to make Charter combinations on-the-fly

- Thinking of making cards with the symbols on them for easier use in play

- From the books (I've only read two) we've got mention of Barbarians (of Navis I think), the Clayr, Belisaereans, Ancelstierrens, and I'm trying to think if any of the other countries/nations that are mentioned in the books to create some pre-gens from

- I'll have to go buy the actual print copies because trying to spell from listening to Tim Curry (the narrator of the books) is hard indeed:)

- Artifice or clockworks seem to be making a resurgence - perhaps a clockwork character (clockwork inhabited by a free-willed magic spirit)

- I may throw in an Ancelstierre Scout - with appropriate clockwork weapons equivalent to his Ancelstierren rifle, grenade, etc.

I'll throw together a primer on some of this stuff as a handout for the player's. I'll contact the publishers to see if I can distribute.


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