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D&D to BRP?


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I am a newcomer to this forum, but have used BRP extensively in the (distant) past. Since I intend to keep using the World of Greyhawk, where my "Thieves' World" — the original module from Chaosium — is located, I am curious if anyone has done conversion from D&D to BRP? This would allow me to use the latest updated product that is designed for the d20 system.

Any help is appreciated!



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There's a world of Greyhawk conversion to RQ on this site....


The site is worth a good look quite apart from that one particular piece, lots of good stuff.

I have been all over that site, and it is quite good, especially on the RQ write-ups for the Greyhawk pantheons. However, there is no procedure or method to convert D&D into BRP stats. Just wondering if anyone has tried it before, and can give me some guidance.
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You don't need to do a straight mechanical conversion, just try and get the 'feel' right. If it's really that big a deal to you, map the characteristics across equally, and multiply all the D&D skill bonuses by 5 to figure out their percentile bonus (added to base chances and category modifiers). Then just use BRP for the rest as-is. If you want to replicate the spells and such, either use Classic Fantasy (which has all the OGL D&D spells converted to BRP) or use the Super Powers system in BRP, and let the players make up their spells with it, based on the D&D versions.

Please don't contact me with Chaosium questions. I'm no longer associated with the company, and have no idea what the new management is doing.

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This is a handy thread. I'll have to check out some of the links as I've been wanting to use BRP for an upcoming Planescape campaign (with a liberal dose of converted MRQ for good measure). The Greyhawk stuff is definitely worth a look, since out of my old (and somewhat vanished) collection, I seem to have more Greyhawk stuff (two boxed sets and the first Gazeteer) than anything else.

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