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Heortland Events & Rumors Table

Erol of Backford

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I used to love the event and rumor tables found in the old material.

Is anyone able to reference one for the the Heortland Plateau or better yet have you developed one that you would be willing to link?

I am looking for something the Backford Campaign could use from 1600. Of course I would adjust for that time period.

I imagine items such as:

  • Knight Fort seeking mercenaries join the Aeolian Cataphracts of Marcher Fort 
  • chaos horrors erupting from foot print Storm Bull looking for new initiates
  • scorpion men skirmishers seen raiding from Jab Hills join the Bullford...
  • Aoelian preachers seeking converts
  • dwarf seeks warriors to enter long forgotten stronghold
  • trader prince arrives from the West seeking to establish routes
  • Lord such and such seeks warrior to join Sartar Lunar incursions
  • Eorl of Backford seeks to establish trade with Sun Dome caravan guards sought
  • Traders seeks sailors bound for Notchet
  • Annual wine caravan to Clearwine needs guards
  • Sage seeks assistants for venture into Foot Print arms and armor required
  • Semi annual craft fair at Mt. Passant 

It goes on and on but am hoping for more interesting plot hooks everyone may have introduced.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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Storm Bull might want new initiates after those outbreaks have been resolved. At the time of the outbreak, they will happily use non-Storm Bull initiates to bolster their numbers, steadied by castings of Face Chaos.

The Aeolians as described by Jeff don't proselytize, but they might preach mathematically predicted doom or something similar.


Other entries:

Wolf Pirates (after1605) or other pirates/slave-catchers like Vadeli or Fonritians on the shores. - possible variations include "guards hired", "refugees enter the plateau" or "raids deep into the hinterland cause trouble"

Kitori or troll-related encounters - traders, tribute-takers, raiders, mercenaries seeking employment, hungry trollkin, mistress race on the way to/from Casino Town

Request for ransom of captured locals issued

Lunar assassins look for members of the house of Sartar (ends 1613)

Heroquest starts/passes through/ends/seeks supporters

Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death (rare, last in 1617)

Magical hunt opportunity (e.g. metal deer, blue foxes/wolves) / divine or monstrous beast on the loose (e.g. bloodbirds)

Godtime intrudes (see also magical hunt)

Magical crops available for a short time

Wind Children visit (various options of varying frequency) - seek help, seek trade, seek revenge, hunt, seek or offer magical aid

Sky Bulls visit, threaten crops

Krarshtkids emerge, or leave holes

Malia strikes / healers pre-empt Malian strike

Extreme weather (flood, drought, hailstorm, blizzard, tornados, hurricane, rain of fish/frogs/scorpionman hatchlings)


Forest activity - a march of war-trees, aldryami scouts, nasty pixy swarms, weird weeds and vines, guards recruited, revenge exacted

Puppeteer Troupe visits

Belintar Day festival (varies from incarnation to incarnation, anniversary of their return from the Tournament)

Haymaking or harvest ongoing

New official intoduced by King Orngerin

Outlaws - hunt, raid, hiding in need of aid, trading/ransoming


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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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One thing to keep in mind for the period 1600-1616 is Belintar's active presence in maintaining the close proximity of the mortal world to the Otherworld - i.e. on holy days you may well encounter gods and spirits, and encounters should reflect this.

  • The Thunder Brothers call you to join a hunt.
  • Trickster offers a surprising deal for a magic lamp.
  • The Grain Goddess wants help clearing rocks from a field.
  • Wind gods challenge you to a race.
  • Belintar is seen descending upon the magical bridge into Durengard, crowds gather for a celebration.
  • Jolly Fat Man declares a Feast, and asks adventurers to join (and contribute)
  • Sea gods seek adventurers to climb the cliffs and steal the thunderstone from one of the Thunder Brothers.
  • River bulls come rushing down from Stormwalk - flash floods along the Bullflood.

We also know of at least two Tournaments of Luck and Death before the Evil Year - 1601/2 (noted in WBRM as the event that draws off adventurers before the Lunar invasion) and 1613/14.  Good chance in those years to encounter other magical events and denizens of the City of Wonders.


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