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Are there any scenario encounters with insane monster hunters?


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PCs only know they are losing sanity because they can look at their own stats. What happens to NPCs who are exposed once too often to the mission, who leave their humanity behind in their fanatical quest to destroy the mythos threat?

Do NPCs who hit SAN 0 always end up joining the other side, or do some of them stay "true" to their quest, like war criminals who have spent too long on the battlefield, who believe their atrocities serve a greater cause?

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Deranged and dangerous foes of  the Mythos are somewhat surprisingly inconspicuous in the literature. It would seem to be  a natural theme for the Delta Green  setting ('We had to destroy the village in order to save it.')

The ultra-paranoid, and hyper-violent pair, from the film "The Void"  would be good templates.

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