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For a number of different scenarios, I've been trying to come up with a map for a modern city, but I can't find any kind of guidelines on this anywhere. All the map generators I can find are for fantasy-era cities. So instead, I thought I'd try using Google Maps and use a satellite image for reference, and just swap out buildings.

But other than that, are there any sort of generation tables or something for making up city maps without just randomly sticking ambiguous squares down on graph paper?

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Modern maps are hardest to come by. I did some maps with Dundjinni mapping software, but the problem is the initial layout. For my PA setting I use Google maps, take a Jpeg and use it as a background image within ArtRage to draw my own map of the city. Takes up a lot of time, but the end result is something I do personally like.

There is a bunch of ready maps on Drivethrough RPG as well. Hard to find, but some are good:

- Megacity Maps

- Modern Backdrops

You might also want to search for HorrorClix.

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